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Fat: Mind Over Matter?

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A recent study on body image shows overweight people who lose weight find themselves still lingering in the “fat” mindset. Another reports people view those who lose a lot of weight in a more negative light than even overweight people who maintain a stable weight. What, then, is the point of losing weight?

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Eh, I've been a vegetarian my entire life and have always been an active person. My doctors agree I am one of the healthiest and strongest people they know. I'm still fat. And not even like "fluffy" fat, I'm just fat-fat. I've been that way my entire life. At some point I just had to accept it. I don't lose weight, I simply gain muscle-muscle-muscle, which makes me weigh even more.

I think I'm just fine being fat.


interesting cracked article on the same day this was published about the same thing basically. Although funnier. []




Yup, I eat healthy (I'm even a vegan, though more for ethical reasons) and all that. I'm also quite fat. Blood pressure, cholesterol, resting pulse, all great. I regularly floor doctors with my strong longs. I'm happy being fat because I'm happy being me, and I'm healthy as a horse.


Like LuckyLune, I also eat very healthy (though I'm not a vegan, I'm very conscious of what I take in because most food preservatives are migraine triggers, and I don't drink soda). While all my blood work is really good, I'm still considered obese according to the BMI and those doctors who uphold it as gospel, simply because I'm a short curvy girl. But I'm happy with my health and my appearance, and see no reason to change myself because of some stupid stigma attached to me by people who are obsessed with unhealthy mindsets about the fat and food and the human body in general. Working toward better health is a wonderful goal, but it's progress shouldn't be measured by how much weight you drop.


Interesting article. I honestly never really thought that it was possible to be overweight and still be healthy. That's not me being mean to anyone as much as a reflection on my own health views.

If you're healthy and happy then it shouldn't matter what you weigh or look like. People will always judge you for one thing or another, unfortunately, but it shouldn't really matter what others think. Unfortunately sometimes that's easier said than done, I know.


Interesting about the Purdue study. I had that experience myself. I lost 70 pounds, putting me out of the obese category for the first time in my adult life. When I met my bf through an online ad, where I had described myself as a BBW, he said, "You know, you're not big enough to call yourself a BBW." No, I didn't know it. I still felt like the fat girl no matter what I looked like.

Also worth noting, I never had any physical symptoms of obesity. My doctor was always surprised that my vitals were all very good.


Interesting insight.


great post


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