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  • It's not just a me thing, baby!

    This month, our parent company EdenFantasys is celebrating 10 sexy years of business! To honor the anniversary, we asked the EdenFantasys Community to tell us what being a member of our community has done for them. This is what sktb0007 had to say.

  • Fat: Mind Over Matter?

    A recent study on body image shows overweight people who lose weight find themselves still lingering in the “fat” mindset. Another reports people view those who lose a lot of weight in a more negative light than even overweight people who maintain a stable weight. What, then, is the point of losing weight?

  • Money Talks, or Does It?

    Recently, I read an article discussing whether or not gender equality had changed the rules on who should pay on a date. Like the author, I also grew up thinking that when I was older and dating, the man would automatically pay for the first date, and probably any future dates. It was his responsibility assigned to him by gender, right?

  • Summer Pleasure: Is “Fat Acceptance” Just As Dangerous as “Thinspiration”?

    “Thinspiration” – images meant to inspire anorexics in their pursuit of skinniness – are no doubt dangerous. But is the pursuit of “acceptance” for being dangerously overweight any better?

  • My Dream

    What happens when your dream doesn’t run along side your lover’s?

  • Toothsome Sex and Biting Satire

    I’ve never really been all that keen on telling people in anger or irritation to bite me. Not sure why. Maybe it’s because I’ve always known deep down it didn’t make much sense. After all, the implication tends to be that the offender should bite the offended person’s naughty bits.

  • #ExpressLove - The “L” Word

    So this month’s theme here at SexIs is all about expressions of love. I think the most obvious way to show your love for someone is to tell them. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the hardest things to do as well.

  • I love you so much I decided not to have you.

    Can making the decision not to have children be an expression of love?

  • Can Divorce be an “Expression of Love?”

    As the author of a column called “Devil’s Advocate” I’m no stranger to causing controversy, but I was genuinely astonished that what I thought was an innocent comment ended up “offending” so many people when I posted it on Facebook.

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