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#ExpressLove - The “L” Word

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So this month’s theme here at SexIs is all about expressions of love. I think the most obvious way to show your love for someone is to tell them. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the hardest things to do as well.



You wrote: An “I love you slut” is someone who says they love someone at the drop of a hat. They say it constantly and to many people in hopes of receiving those words for themselves. They say it so often that their loved one eventually tunes them out and doesn’t actually here the meaning in the words because they’re said so often. I don’t ever want my wife to feel that way about me and I know she feels the same way. Love is a wonderful and powerful thing and when we say we love each other we really do feel that the other person does.

...but I'm not sure I buy it, because if by your lights I'm an "I love you" slut, does that make you an "I love you" prude? Someone so stingy with their affections that they only say it to two people ever?

Nah. I'm not a slut, and you're not a prude. Putting a layer of judgment on how people express their love just doesn't add anything productive here.


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Love is so ingrained into who we are as a society that it fits into just about every aspect of our lives. From television, to technology, to our bedrooms, we express love and tout its existence in so many different ways.

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