Health » Relationships, Communication: "#ExpressLove - The Littlest Expressions Make the Biggest Impression"

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#ExpressLove - The Littlest Expressions Make the Biggest Impression

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Being the wife of a truck driver is a extremely challenging task. It takes a lot of patience because you are usually the only person that they have to vent to when they have a bad day or there is a troubling situation.

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Contributor: lil firecracker

I can relate to, and with the truck drivers wife my man is a Heavy Haul trucker but he is gone from 2 weeks to a month or months at a time he trained me to pilot car escort when we were friends, now we are best friends,lovers,mates, however when im not on the road with him he does the same to me he calls needing me to do something for him,he releases on me about new drivers who wont work,while he does most of the work on everyones elses truck and trailers but everyone leaves when it comes down to his, which i have seen it happen time and time again. he stays mad cause they switch trailer on him when it was agreed to stay with one trailer he fixes a trailer then they switch he get another trailer and all he does is work on that trailer. he doesnt mind helping anyone, but he cant drive 2 trucks at one time.
Now I have brought his brother home from the hospital he was just diagnoised with cancer a tumer on his kidney that has spreaded to his lungs to entire body and he is at stage 4, he had no signs of cancer in the past pulled his back and now he will never work again, I have been taking care of his brother which is my best friend, night and day but when my man calls me several times a day while he is trucking he doesnt ask how things are at home,he releases on me about his world and all I can do is keep is world peaceful for him try and calm him down, while im spending my day doing the same with his brother