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What has EdenFantasys done for me?

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Okay so a little history.... I was the type of kid that knew she liked males AND females from a very young age.  At 5, I ran around my neighbourhood with a condom, explaining to everyone, child or adult, what a condom was for and how to use it.   I was obsessed with sex years before I ever experienced it.   Burying my nose in penthouse forum and literally drooling over the stories as  I read them.


Contributor: LadyKaye

Congratulations on getting clean! You're truly an inspiration. I hope your dreams come true

Contributor: Cinnyree

wow this is better than any ad eden could run!! great story and i agree on everything you said!

Contributor: amandag358

awesome! Good for you! Inspirational!

Contributor: Do emu
Do emu  

I am so happy you were able to pull yourself out of that black hole before it was too late. Your writing is great! Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

Contributor: Sangsara

Thanx so much guys, it meant so much to me to write it and get it published

Contributor: SkylarrStarr

Really inspiring article. I am proud of you, even if we don't know each other! Wishing you all the best in the future!

Contributor: ChuChii

This was a great article, I'm so happy that you found your way out and your becoming a better person.
Keep your head up, & Your dreams will come true. I hope you keep us posted about your journey.

Contributor: js250

What a touching, heartbreaking and hopeful experience you went through--thank you for being strong, open and trusting enough to share your story. There are many lessons inside of it that will help everyone who reads it. It takes a very courageous woman to overcome what you did; and then to share the experience with others in a magazine--to allow yourself to be that vulnerable.

Thank you for sharing your experiences. I am glad you found your true calling and EF. You have a lot to teach and give to others, Eden is a perfect platform. Amazing, isn't it--EF and its members have helped many people in so many ways to rebuild or add on t their lives.

(Doesn't it feel lighter and cleansing to get all that out? I was shocked at how much I needed to write my story, but it made such a good difference!)

Contributor: Sangsara

Yes and it really has gotten me writing! New articles soon and a blog!

Contributor: Forever Hers!

Wow! This was such a great article! I too started out on EF at 19 years of age. Although my past has not been as heart wrenching as yours, I do feel that Eden has done a lot for me in much the same way as it has done for you. I am inspired by your journey!



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