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How Has Your Spouse Changed You?
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This month's theme here at SexIs Social is sexual freedom. We are free to express ourselves sexually, but we are all influenced by different people. When it comes to sex, your spouse or significant other can definitely play an influential and large role in your sexual life and identity.



What a lovely story! This is like the perfect happy ending. I really like how your article is so real, from the heart and personal enough that we're able to see where your wife is coming from and you as well. That's awful she had been held back from fully enjoying herself, but terrific that she has been able to move past and end up bringing herself so much pleasure! I think that alone will be an inspiring thing to read for many people. I also applaud you for being patient and for putting your wife's needs first. It takes a lot of strength to do that, and how neat that in the end, you both ended up being rewarded. Very nice article. This is the kind of article that I enjoy so much.


Great article. I am glad that your wife realized the way her upbringing had negatively influenced her view of sexuality and is taking the time to explore that. Thanks for sharing your story.



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