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How to deal with different libidos in long-term relationships

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Discrepancy in sex drives is one of the most common issues that sexual couples face. Included in this article are not only reasons for why someone may be struggling with low sexual desire, but ways of improving the situation for everyone involved as well.


For many years I was on medication, Depakote/Depakene for epilepsy also causing a loss of libido in myself. Now on new more improved medication the effects are completely in reverse. I wanted you to know how helpful your article has been since my change in meds last year and how we are finally able to talk more about each others needs and expectations. Also now we are enjoying the more simple things, like holding hands, getting out at least once a week and helping each other around the house to put us more in tune with each other. And of course sex now to as a result has been more pleasurable for both of us.



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