Humor » Satire: "“How’s Your Sex Drive?” And Other Inappropriate Questions."

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“How’s Your Sex Drive?” And Other Inappropriate Questions.

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Every time I see my shrink she asks, “So, how’s you sex drive?” I realize this is an important question to ask someone on anti-depressants, as the meds can affect your love life, but I can’t help from automatically responding, “Fine, and yours?”


Caroline Pollock  

My drive is around an 8, but my ability to get any is a 0. It's been a long 3 years....


We need one more chart! My sex drive and sex reality never ever match up.


I am also one who needs dual charts.. sex drive, and sex completion/reality. Oh well....


So funny! I love it! Great blog!

Norman K. Dunn  

Ummm, all this sex talk....
I'm always looking for an expert in oral sex, but can't seem to find one of those very rare ladies. Any suggestions where I might look?


I really want to be your friend. I will end my comment there. I don't want to creep you out too much.


hahahahahahahahaha. antidepressants depress me.


I need to know what 5 and 7 are. If 5 is "I'm still sleeping with my ex because I know what he has" then I choose that. Actually, that might be more of a 3.



Lesley Hemenway Wilson  

Number 10 may answer your question as to what an eyeball smells like....


this is an amazing and gross painscale (link)
"4: Huh. I never knew that about giraffes...."
and then the blood. great minds think alike, two awesome blogs, jeez.


Amber Hassell  

I totally recommend you read the blog Hyperbole And A Half to you. Allie made a very accurate pain scale. Her blog and yours are tied for my favorite.


Definitely 2. if by occasionally, you mean never.


This is hilarious, I don't know why I missed this post, lol.


Thanks for the good read!


good stuff! I remember being very scared the 1st time I had sex...I was alone.


My fiance and I agreed we moved between 6 and 10 depending on my custody schedule.


I may print this out because it doesnt get much better then this. I can picture it now "Hey babe, how do you rate our sex life on a scale of 1-10 using this chart!" I hate when doctors pull out those charts. I mean hell Im at least a f-ing 7 if I came and I'm paying your crazy medical bills.


I laughed so hard I snorted. lol



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