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Bringing a Fantasy to Life
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Each month, SexIs Social asks us to look at different topics. This month's focus is "Wish Lists" and this week is specifically about "Fantasy." We all have that favorite fantasy that we return to, I know I certainly do. One of my favorite repeat fantasies has helped me expand my own sex life.


I love this story and the fact that your fantasy came to life naturally, not because it was forced. I think it shows that some things are meant to be and that they will happen when the time is right and people are at a place in their lives when they are ready. Imagine if you had pressured your wife early on and she had consented and had a less than good reaction. You would have felt bad and the two of you would never have had this positive experience and a closer connection. Thank you for sharing.


Thanks for your nice comment, it is greatly appreciated.


It gives me hope of possibilities I've dreamed and still dream that may one day be real. Thanks!



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