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Money Talks, or Does It?

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Recently, I read an article discussing whether or not gender equality had changed the rules on who should pay on a date. Like the author, I also grew up thinking that when I was older and dating, the man would automatically pay for the first date, and probably any future dates. It was his responsibility assigned to him by gender, right?

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Contributor: KikiChrome

You know what? I went back to that same article several times, trying to figure out how to write a succinct and sensible response... but I think you've summed it up nicely. Thank you.

Who should pay for a date has never been an issue for me: whichever of us has the money and picked the restaurant, that person pays... or we split it. Whichever works at that moment. It's never been a problem and never caused so much as a ripple in my consciousness. In the end, it's a mutual agreement to go out together - not one person buying another person's time.



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