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Summer Pleasure: Is “Fat Acceptance” Just As Dangerous as “Thinspiration”?

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“Thinspiration” – images meant to inspire anorexics in their pursuit of skinniness – are no doubt dangerous. But is the pursuit of “acceptance” for being dangerously overweight any better?

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Contributor: T&A1987

I agree with most of what you've said, but I think one of the reason the "legitimate" fat acceptance blogs, members, etc exist is because so few people take the time to do what you did. One acknowledge that there may be large people who are healthy, they eat well and exercise, but just have difficulty losing weight and two, if they're happy, you're happy. I've been overweight too, arguably still am and from my experience, few people make those distinctions. rather if someone is fat, it's because they're a bad person, who is lazy, stupid and eats poorly. that may be the case for some or many people, but without medical charts there's no way of knowing this. I get the feeling that fat acceptance, outside the militants that every group attracts, is mostly about not being judged based a number on a scale, or health without the medial chart and proper training. Yet there have been some studies at least showing that not only is there a stigma towards fat people, not backed up on individual information, but also those who were once fat.


Even if you move somewhere new, the internal stereotypes usually stick with a person.


Or to put everything more succinctly, don't be a jerk, don't think you know everything about someone ust by their appearance, but if someone you care about is harming their body through inactivity and poor diet, say something tactfully.



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