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Stimulating the Prostate to Orgasm (I): General Advice and Manual Stimultion

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This series of articles will discuss how to stimulate the prostate so as to achieve prostate orgasms. In this article, I offer some general advice and talk about manual stimulation.

  Manual Stimulation

The obvious way to start exploring your prostate is by inserting a finger or two into your anus. And, indeed, this is not a bad way to begin. There are all kinds of wonderful feelings to be had from this kind of play. The anus is full of nerve endings, especially right inside the anal ring, and penetrating yourself with your fingers is a good way to get used to how it feels to have something inside your ass. You can also get an initial sense this way of where your prostate is, and what it feels like when it is stimulated. You'll find it on the front wall of the rectum. It feels much harder than the surrounding tissue, kind of like a walnut. Or maybe a pair of almonds.

Once you've located your prostate, then what you want to do, basically, is massage it. Use a firm but gentle pressure, and experiment with up and down movements, side to side movements, circles, or maybe just tapping it. Don't be shy! It's sensitive, and delicate, but you are not likely to hurt it with your fingers. So do whatever comes to mind, but always start out slow.

When you first start doing this, it will feel strange, and it may take some time before you figure out what feels best to you. Experiment, and keep an open mind. You may feel like you need to pee. This is normal. You probably don't need to pee, but your prostate is very near your bladder, and your urethra passes through your prostate. You are probably just confusing this new sensation with one familiar to you. But have a good pee before you start, if that will make you more comfortable.

If you have a partner with whom to engage in this kind of play, you may find manual stimulation to be quite effective. Honestly, though, I do not find this to be a very good way to achieve prostate orgasms on my own. I tend to treat it more as a very pleasurable sort of foreplay. (Did you know you can have foreplay while masturbating?) My fingers are not long enough to reach more than the very front of my prostate. Even getting my fingers far enough into my ass to stimulate the front portion of my prostate is somewhat uncomfortable. I usually try to roll my hips forward to make access easier, but I find that my wrist gets very sore very quickly. The most comfortable position is on my side, and I reach around behind myself and put my thumb into my ass. This allows me to stimulate the anterior part of my prostate quite firmly and effectively, but it is very much limited to that part of the prostate. I've only been able to orgasm from that kind of stimulation a few times, and usually only when I'd already have several other prostate orgasms.

Still, as I said, this kind of play can be very pleasurable, whether it leads to orgasm or not. Try using a latex or nitrile glove. I find that very sexy, and it is much smoother than a bare hand. It makes clean up easy, too.

So, manual stimulation isn't that effective for me. In the next article, then, I'll talk about some other ways to stimulate the prostate that work better.


* When I speak of "men" and "women" here, I mean biological, or anatomical, males and females. This use of the terms is not meant to offend men and women whose bodies do not match the usual gender expectations. I have complex feelings about gender myself.



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