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Does Size Really Matter?
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Many people are hyped up over the idea that the size of your penis affects your sexual performance. Is that really true and if not why do people think this way?


Well as a guy I am entitled to say that I believe that size does matter, I have a big rod and my girls like it. I should show it to you sometime


Although I appreciate your kind support, I do not like the way you are talking here. Please be respectful and watch what you say.


there is nothing wrong with the way I talk baby girl, maybe I should send you a picture and you will will change your mind haha


I admit, I'm a size queen and there are women who have a preference. Small to average size dicks don't turn me on like a meaty girthy long dick. No offense to the perfectly good average dicks and I'm sure you get to enjoy plenty of sex but not with me.

The essay may be saying that it's not necessary to have a dick of a certain size or girth but each woman is different and is stimulated by different means. Some prefer a curved up dick, others with a flared head, still others like the short fat members. It's all a matter of finding the vagina that's perfect for you. And it's not all about reaching orgasm, that can be done after the intercourse is over, IMO. What I want for sex is a completely different ballgame.


Personally, I'm not extremely concerned about size. I've been with guys who were smaller and totally knew what they were doing. I've also been with guys who thought that, since they had a big dick, they didn't really have to do anything to be good. It's way more about how you use it than how big it is.

Also, I'm currently reading a book by Maggie Paley called "The Book of the Penis". It has a chapter about the size issue and goes into more depth about why guys are so insecure about it. Very interesting read!


@kanida: I totally agree, and where did you get your copy of the book? I would like to read it as well.
@coolboy28: please go get a life sir, you are not only rude but ignorant as well


I got it from Amazon. If you get a used copy, they're really cheap. I got mine used, but it looked new. I only paid $0.54 for it! ]Link]


I totally agree, size is not always the most important factor in sex. Amazing article Irina


Amazing Article Irina, I definitely agree that size does not really matter, but I do like it


Great article and totally agree!


Sex Matters ALOT!


@Masquerade Minx: thanks a lot I appreciate the kind support and please make sure to check out and like my other articles
@SumFun75: who said it doesn't? :p


This website is truly pathetic...male bashing is allowed here and encouraged.This topic has been driven into the ground beyond all reason to the point that it is thrown up to piss dudes off all the time at this place.The entire 'dick size discussion' is just an idiot's way of keeping a conversation going.No guy can change his f-n size,and yet here come all the judgements,barbs and repeated blab over and over and over here on these threads.If this had been a reoccuring topic on women,an alternative lifestyle would get sh-t canned but THIS particular topic gets beat to death here.Also,whenever this asinine topic gets brought up you chix act as though YOUR SH-T doesn't matter! Ha! What a friggin' laugh we could get into the whole childbirth thing and how that changes YOUR junk down there,but im not an a-hole like most of the ladies on this site obviously are.Guys know women use the size thing as an ace card to bash men...keep hating though disrespectful hypocrites,


um, mr rocker-guy, i think you may have read a different article.... this one was just about how not all women have the same preferences??? because, yknow, women arent just prepacked fuck-dolls??? like woah there friend i think you need to calm down an not take it as a personal attack on you.....

i think this is a pretty good, basic article, though UuU


Over all it's a great article. I believe size really doesn't matter its how he performs. If he knows how to use it then your not going to care how big he is.


Great article, no size should not matter. It's all in how he makes you feel.


Well done!



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