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Girls and strip clubs.
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Many guys think that strip clubs are just for men, and that is very untrue. There are strip clubs for women, as well, and here is the interesting part: some women enjoy going to a strip club with their partners and buying them a dance.



I definitely agree with "making life count" and having fun! I like that you don't forget fun. It is of huge importance in a relationship, even though it's easy to become too stressed to even have time for fun. That's something I always enjoy about your articles -- you remind me not to let stress overcome my inner playfulness and that's something I really appreciate.

I must point something out... near the end of your article, you say "It is true that some girls and women might find it uninteresting or unappealing to watch a male or female stripper, but you cannot generalize that way about everyone."

However, in previous paragraphs, when referring to men and their feelings on strip clubs, you say this "By this I mean that no matter how attached and committed guys are, they still love seeing boobs being flashed. They still love seeing a hot chick going up and down on a pole."

Is that not "generalizing a specific idea of everyone?" Well, by "everyone," I mean men. You make it sound as if all men will enjoy viewing multiple private parts of multiple women, but when it comes to women viewing men, you state that not all of us women are interested.

Then, you say "My final words are this: I am not encouraging anyone to go, or to not go, to strip clubs. I am also not saying whether strip clubs are good or bad." But you then go on to say "...You should go on, and take that offer," when speaking about a spouse encouraging their spouse to visit a strip club, so in reality, you are in fact saying what people "should" do, which would definitely fall under the category of "encouragement."

Just wanted to point those things out. I'm not being rude, though. I just feel like you were a little restrained in what you really wanted to say here & it made it hard for me to tell what you were trying to get across to your readers. It came across as you praising strip clubs and visiting them, but also the inconsistencies made it hard to tell if you were simply saying "look, all men are going to want to do this type of thing, whether people like it or not, but women on the other hand may or may not." More in-depth info on the topic would be really fun to read. I did enjoy this article as I do most of your articles. I really like the way you express different ideas and how you explain things to better make sense & I have gained a lot from reading your articles. I'd definitely be interested in learning more about your points on this topic though. I can tell in most of your articles, you're kind of raw and unrestrained, if that makes sense, so it helps me to understand exactly what you're saying and how you feel. This one was just a bit new to me.


Not at all, I actually wrote this article about 3 months ago and it just got published. Personally I don't think this is a great article, I admit I barely started writing back then and did not know how to express my ideas the right way. Well I did go to strip clubs, and in fact I found it more fun than I thought. I used to think that the strippers are selling their bodies and they are helpless. Although this is factually true to many strippers, It does not apply to all. What I am trying to say here is that you are free to do whatever you want with your body, and some women want to strip and there absolutely nothing wrong with that. All I wanted to convey in this article is that you can not judge something based on what it looks from the outside. I still believe I could have written this article way better though, but then again i am learning and the more and more I write the better my writing style and technique will become.

Ember Grant  

Personally I prefer female strippers over male strippers. For female strippers they are curvy and sensual but with male their bodies are shaped like vertical rectangles and only use pelvic thrusts while the female strippers uses their WHOLE BODIES for their art.



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