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Girls v. Grown Women
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Many people say that girls are less mature than grown women and that grown women have better relationships. But who defines maturity here? Is maturity the only factor in a relationship's success/failure?


Contributor: K101

Amazing article! I love how you took this common statements and broke them down, explaining the reality behind them. I agree with so much of what your own personal feelings about these statements were & also that those statements have nothing to do with what makes a woman a woman and a girl a girl. And about the good guy/bad guy thing -- what's with that? Everyone says "nice guys finish last. All girls only want a bad guy," and that's hardly the case. As you pointed out, it's about what each person needs in a relationship, not about the good/bad guy qualities, although some do go for that. I really like that you took the time to speak about these "mis-truths" though! Very nice job!



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