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Control Yourself During Sex
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Many guys suffer from premature ejaculation. Here are a few tips and tricks I've picked up from my personal experiences with my boyfriend.


Great article


Some good tips, but I don't necessarily agree with number 3: Take Control. Yes, many women like being dominated in bed, but there are also plenty that don't.
I would think that a better reason for a man to try to be more in control in bed (in terms of preventing premature ejaculation) would be that he knows how close he is to cumming, while the woman is not.
Overall, great advice, though.


by dominated i dont mean being treated badly or pushed around, more like the guy takes initiative and charge, i mean isnt it hotter when the guy takes charge and knows what is he doing rather than you telling him how and what to do as if you were instructing a guy through a mine field? Thanks for the kind words though, and I just ordered the book


Great Article! Thanks


i like it when my man is more demanding



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