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You don't have to be gay to enjoy anal play.

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This article is less of a "how-to" and more of a demonstration that the enjoyment of anal penetration or stimulation has no bearing on one's sexuality. It is a common misconception by many hetero females and males alike that any man who likes his ass penetrated is "gay" or at a minimum, bisexual. That is simply untrue.


Contributor: MrWill

Great job! It's always nice to see another article stating that it isn't gay to enjoy anal play!

Contributor: jennandb

I have fantasized about this with my b/f and agree it doesn't make you gay!

Contributor: bigbrohtermex

good job I been thinking about trying it for some time

Contributor: Trysexual

Thanks for all the comments and support.

Contributor: Experiment

I really love this article! It's still a pretty commonly held stigma. I think it's odd that so many women who own vibrators and sex toys themselves are so weirded out by prostate massagers and such. Great job!

Contributor: Trysexual

Thank you Experiment...couldn't agree more

Contributor: Wicked Wahine

Congrats on your first article; it was well done & an easy read


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