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The Poly Male, or Rational Polyamory

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How do two men share a woman without killing each other? It's much more about respect, and love, and less about animalistic furry and marking of territory. I want to explain how my friend and I share a woman without murdering each other.


Contributor: Airen Wolf

I think I sorta, kinda, slightly love you in a totally internet way! You have some lucky partners, I can say that.
Thank you for sharing and for not being a's so nice to see someone happily being poly and loving even the hard times. Makes me feel less lonely in a totally weird sort of way.

Yes, I have sat in the living room, alone, while my guys go on and on and on, in the other room, about the video game we play as a family. I wanted some attention and I was pouting a bit, but, damn it, there was laughter, real conversation and bro-talk going on between two guys who swore that they would kill each other if left in a room together for more than 30 seconds! They need time to build their relationship too. Funny how the jealousy can go every which way. This kind of jealousy I can live's not like I CAN'T distract them if I want to!

Contributor: Naksetamun

Beautiful. Exactly what I always dreamed of and something that I hope to achieve one day.

Contributor: geekkink

@Naksetamun it's not impossible I promise.