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Sexbot and Robots, or Coin-Operated Hookers.

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I was recently asked (or the question was referred to me) if I thought sex robots were a thing I would see in my life time. I replied simply, "I already have." Granted these are not the robot nymphomaniacs of current movie magic, more like the clunky things you might expect, but they are getting better. However what does that mean, for humanity, and are these for men only? How close to the cool ones? These answers will surprise you.

  Robo-Lovers not just for boys anymore.

This might come as a shock to you, but women have been having sex with artificial men for quite some time now. Hamilton Beach released the first electric vibrator for home use in 1902, the fifth item to be electrified in history after the sewing machine, toaster, fan, and tea kettle. That's how important getting off was, just to put that in perspective. These things were huge by the way, and loud. Back then regular orgasms for women were thought to cure hysteria, and women were put on masturbation schedules. I'm fairly certain they didn't mind that much, likely the least fought about sexist thing of the time. So if you got here through Eden Fantasys, you might have noticed the massive industry that is vibrators, dildos, and pretty much anything else. You also likely noticed almost every review is by women. There is a reason for this, and despite what society tells you women do indeed enjoy sex. Why wouldn't women be interested in the perfect lover?

The point is they would. If you've never heard of Real Dolls, you've clearly not been on the internet long enough. This is a company that makes full size lifelike sex dolls not at all like the blow up kind. Well they sell 3 males: Micheal, Nick, and Nate. "Allen, clearly gay men order those." Likely some, however the site figures about seventy percent of their customers for the male dolls are female. They also order the girls, on occasion. Even here on Eden, LuciousLollypop mentioned in her review of Eden's near full doll that it's a fun way to simulate threesomes. Imagine if you could do it with the a girl, or a guy who has no desire to, "take what's yours." If you think these sort of things don't appeal to women, think again.

Many psychologists suggest that several women would be highly interested in a companion who has no desire to cheat on them, or seek relationships elsewhere. In an interview for The Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, Dominique Mainon, author of several books about women in the media, mentions in her studies the appeal for robotic sexual companions for women is high. Feeling nurtured and safe does appeal to women, even if it is a bit of a stereotype. She also says she sees them more like a luxury item, or like pets rather than a replacement for a "real" companion, at least until the artificial intelligence gets better. I have a bit of an argument against this. Eden sells toys for women that cost over three hundred dollars. I find it just a bit naive to suggest that women don't have a heavy interest in 'getting off' just as much if not more than men do. Several sexual relationship doctors suggest this is the case, and the appeal of robot companions seems just as valid for women as it does for men. Male escorts certainly do exist, and they make good money at it too.

  When can we have the awesome Sci-fi sex droids Allen?

The easy answer, in about twenty years. Currently the only sex droid on the market is Roxxxy TrueCompanion and she is a little creepy. She responds to touch, and performs very basic sexual actions. I'll spare you videos of girl on girl robot sex, but the technology and the monetary support for her is there. Japan (in a move that surprised no one) just recently unveiled Repliee Q1, an android, or gynoid for the female synonym, that responds to voice and visual cues. She can speak in full logical sentences and be programed for any task. As parts get lighter and better as they do every day, Repliee gets more and more functional. Almost all scientists expect that lifelike, fully functional robots are not only likely but will be extremely common in about twenty years. It will apparently not be uncommon to have Repliee serve you food at a McDonalds. It is very easy to see the jump to sex, as robots will not have the legal issues against prostitution that human sex workers do.

If you look through the images of how Roxxxy has developed over the years, you can see exactly how fast technology moves, and this really should not be all that surprising to most people. I am certain several people are reading this on their phone, a phone that is vastly more powerful than the computer I bought just ten years ago. If you want to really understand just how fast technology moves, the Wright Brother's got their fixed wing aircraft to fly for 3 seconds in 1903, the first passenger plane was invented in 1925, now people are just expected to fly. That's twenty two years, from three seconds off the ground to replacing the train. It's very easy to see robot companions mowing the lawn, cooking dinner, and spicing up the bedroom, from the seemingly simple designs of Roxxxy and Repliee.

Will we stop making babies? I doubt it. Will we likely see a cousin bring his servo powered wife to Christmas dinner? Very much so. I may be almost sixty when it happens, but we will indeed see it happen. I'm not certain how long till the first robot president. It took America 120 years to elect an African American president since they were given the vote, so that might take a lot longer. Americans still don't let two humans that love each other marry, simply because they are gay, so I think robot presidents are still a ways off.


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