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Dressed for Sex-less

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Culture dictates that women dress all sexy-like to tantalize and entice their men when they’re headed to bed. The fellas? Not so much.

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I would love it if a guy even tried to do this.

Or at least ditched the bland, boring tidy-whities and boring boxer-briefs.

I kinda wish straight guys would invest in some gay-guy package-enhancing underthings.


I could have written this the sense that I've had the same wish for a very long time, and the same kind of conversation with my wife. And I'll add something, too: If there were something for men to wear to bed that was more enticing, maybe it'd help take the pressure off women to feel like they've got to do it because they're the only ones who can do such a thing.


this was really good.


Glad to see I'm not alone. Let the revolution begin! (and let me start shopping for a pair of latex shorts, perhaps, to get things started at home)


How about suit PJs ala Barney Stinson?

Seriously though, I would love to be able to find something to look sexy for my girl. Plain old plaid boxers just don't cut it when she's wearing lace.


I haven't had a chance to ever watch "How I Met Your Mother," but I did an image search for Barney Stinson and pajamas and I am morbidly impressed with the suitjammies. However, I think we'd need the Stinson personality to pull them off.

I have to say I agree that boxers don't cut it...though silk boxers are at least a small step in the right direction.



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