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Size does matter!

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How big is yours? 6 inches? Maybe 10? What about how deep is mine? Have you ever thought of how much dick a girl can really take? No, of course not, so let's discuss.


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Contributor: rocker-guy

Wow,this is a condescending post if ever there was one...generalize much? Sorry,most guys don't think the bigger they are the better they are off...thats bs.I couldn't give a flip what a woman thinks of my package,if you don't like it there's the f-n door...go find a bigger guy and knock yourself out.I always love the if your not up to par then you'd better know how to work it bit too...thats like if you don't have 'this,then you'd better do that or else crap.Its nice to know that a guy's sexual capital,worth or value in general is measured by his dick size or how good he is in bed...turn this kind of scenaario around on a chick and he is a bum who doesn't deserve a woman and a misogynitic pig,followed by the usual sermon on patriarchy and the whole nine...thanks for reminding me why i rarely post on EF...well done.

Contributor: SexToys-R-Us

youve completely took my article out of context mr rocker-guy, i was actually saying the opposite of what you got out of it, if anything i couldnt agree with you more, and im only speaking from experience, i guess i should have emphasized that most guys ive came across think that way, didnt think people would take this so literal, but anyway, read over and youll understand that i was actually saying that size isnt everything its what you can do with what you have, sorry you misinterpreted my article. Bye.

Contributor: K101

Huge amen to this! Once my partner asked if I'd ever wished his was longer. I said "where the F would you put it!?" LOL. I let him know that any longer and only a little over half would be insertable. Lol. It's crazy that men think that way. I agree 100% -- it IS NOT the size at all. No siree! I just wish men could believe us.

Contributor: Llewey

I told my partner that 6" is just about the perfect size for me, and he didn't believe it for months. xD "The bigger the better" is so ingrained in our culture that average-sized men are made to feel inadequate and ashamed about their size, which in reality is often optimal for their partners.

Contributor: SexToys-R-Us

Thanks for the comments and im glad there are more people out there that can relate and agree with what i was trying to say, thanks a lot!

Contributor: notdone

There's really not much advice to give to a guy who is less than five inches and smaller in girth than average. He will either be accepted as is, or he will be spending his time elsewhere.
From what I have experienced, women will settle for just about anything just as long as it costs them nothing.

Contributor: pussy licker

he got to be 8 1/2 or bigger

Contributor: shooters

From what I have found in MY experience that with my size and girth that I am either to big or long. but my partner says I know how to work it and she can even feel my dick in her belly. I have heard that the bigger the size the more it hurts and the men with the medium and small ones know how to work it more then the guys with the bigger ones. the ones with the bigger dicks just like to smash and pound thinking that the woman like it that way (some do some don't its all on their preference). Its also not how they work thier dick!!! its how you please your partner!!! orally and in sex!! my partner likes how I treat her with oral and after i get her going and screaming with oral she usually begs me to hump her.

Contributor: V7Stick

"The bigger the better" is not always true, but neither is "Petite women can't take rough sex."
I speak from experience.
I am 4'10" and my partner is a good 8" (maybe a bit more even) and quite thick also. We love rough sex. LOVE it. Sure, at times it does hurt, but usually that's because I haven't been properly worked up as much as I should be. Only having time when our 3 year old is asleep, it's difficult to have lengthy sessions of foreplay.
I agree that the main thing for men to remember would be that a vagina really is not a magical portal (like most of us would like to think), and that it really is how you use it that matters the most.
Also; a word to women; be sure to do your kegels! They really are important to keep your muscles down there toned, healthy, and fun for your man. Like I said earlier, I am very petite and my man very large and in the year or so that we have been together not once has he complained that I've loosened up. Quite the opposite in fact. Kegels; they're important.
I enjoyed the wit and humor in your article, but I wish that my request to proofread would go through because there were a few tiny things that I would have changed. Otherwise; well said.

Contributor: gabyduffy

lol love your point #1

Contributor: Jack M.
Jack M.  

This article would be improved if you had researched a little - vaginas, for instance, do have an average length.

Contributor: ArcaneBlast

I think there should have also been a side of how to use a smaller dick properly. It's a bit misleading since it focused more on how to not use a 10 incher

Contributor: SexToys-R-Us

@ArcaneBlast youve made a good point and I think your right, when i find time I will do another review on how to make miracles and satisfy your women with a small penis and ill post it here once its up but for now feel free to check out my other review


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