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Little Plastic Rings: The Ethos and Eros of Foreskin Restoration

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On the L in Chicago, an average thirty-something man sits quietly in his seat. Suddenly a little plastic ring falls out from his pant leg and rolls along the floor. There are thousands of men all over the country walking around secretly rigged up with devices in their pants—made of plastic, metal, tape and other items that yank the skin of the penis. And no, this isn’t some sexual fetish or kink.


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Contributor: gone77

I'm against infant circumcision. The fact that so many men like Ron Low work to acquire some semblance of a foreskin hits home that it should be a decision made by adult men, rather than their parents (or religion).

I have no intentions of having any children, but if I did and I had a boy, I would not allow him to be circumcised. And if for any reason the hospital went against me and perform a circumcision anyway, I would sue them hard.

Contributor: Restoring Tally
Restoring Tally  

I am restoring my foreskin and it is one of the best things I have ever done. Not only have I restored the sensitivity I lost over the years by not having a foreskin to protect my glans, I now have the gliding action, which is something I never knew existed when I was circumcised. With my restored foreskin I now have whole body orgasms, something I never had before. Additionally, I no longer need to use lube when wanking and during sex. My wife loves my restored foreskin and she does not get sore from sex like she used to.

The statement. "The inner skin that’s been removed during circumcision can never be restored" is not accurate. I have grown almost a full inch of inner foreskin by restoring. My new inner foreskin is very sensitive. Foreskin restoration will restore any tissue that is tensioned. My goal is to have inner foreskin next to my glans and outer skin on the outside. I am almost there.