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Kegel Workouts and Importance (for males!)
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Kegels aren't just for ladies! Did you know that working out your kegel muscles can lead to improved urinary continence, better prostate health and even multiple orgasms? It's time to learn your facts and start your workout!

  How to do kegels:

Normal kegel exercises are done by flexing the pelvic floor muscles. Flex like you are trying to stop urinating. You will feel your muscles from your anus to your urethra tense up. This may feel like "pulling inwards" towards your body. If you feel your stomach or any other muscles flexing, you're not doing kegels! Try focusing on flexing your anus, perineum and urethra until you get it down. To do reverse kegels, instead of using your muscles to "pull inwards," you'll be "pushing out." Push your anal muscles and urethra like you are trying to use the bathroom. Again, if you feel your stomach or any other muscles flexing, you're close, but not quite there!

To start out, flex your kegel muscles for 3-10 seconds, rest for 3-10 seconds, and repeat about 10 times. Once you get use to doing the exercises, try flexing for 20 seconds, and work up to 30. Do this routine 3 times a day, every day. It is important, as with any exercise, to keep up with your routine. You will not see results if you do not keep up with your exercises! Luckily this exercise can be done anywhere at any time. Even if you have an office job where you sit in a chair all day, you can easily do your kegels. Plus, no one around will know you're working out!

You may purchase a kegel exercise toy such as the Aneros Peridise or Aneros Tempo, or you can do the exercises on your own. The benefit of using a kegel toy is that you can easily feel (and sometimes see) your muscles flexing, and it can even be an arousing and pleasurable experience! The downside is, unlike most female kegel balls, male anal-safe kegel toys tend to be a bit more expensive.

There are a few non-ball kegel toys such as the Crystal Premium Glass Kegel Exerciser that are considerably cheaper than Aneros exercisers, but unfortunately they cannot be used while clothed, and are not anal safe. Fortunately, you can make any of those non-ball shaped kegel toys anal safe by getting a Vibrator Enhancer by Evolved, which creates a firm base to prevent accidental loss of anal toys. Males are highly advised to not use kegel balls intended for females because of the risk of losing them, especially ones without a retrieval cord/loop. Never use toys anally that don't have a base. No one wants to make an expensive trip to the ER to get Ben Wa balls pulled out of their rectum!

Do be cautious of overworking your kegel muscles. As with any kind of exercise, it is possible to overwork them, strain them, and even damage them. Make sure to develop proper exercise techniques and routines, and stop if you experience pain or unusual discomfort. If you experience pain while doing your exercises, be sure to tell your doctor!


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