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The Wild Kink Alphabet A-F
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The first section of The Wild Kink Alphabet, covering the letters A (for age play) through F (for furry)! Have you ever heard of erotic asphyxiation? What about cum inflation? Furry? Kinks and fetishes go far beyond the well known BDSM spectrum, what's out there in the endless void of fetishism?


Age play/Adult Baby: Age play involves any roleplay where one or more people are acting as either themselves at another age, or a character who is older or (usually) younger than they are physically. This may be minor, such as one person in the relationship pretending to be a "barely legal" teenager. Sometimes, though, it's more extreme, and one or more people pretend to be children, toddlers, babies or infants. When someone is acting as a child or baby, the play is often not sexual, but it can be. This is usually not a form of pedophilia, but the desire to be young again.

Many people who engage in age play and/or are adult babies say that they enjoy the feeling of being a child because children lack responsibility and are innocent. They aren't involved in the turmoil and stress of adult life. Often a form of escapism, age players use playtime to cope with difficult situations. Many relate childhood with freedom and stress free life.

Age play enthusiasts sometimes engage in age play as a lifestyle. They will sometimes have large cribs for beds and wear adult-sized children's clothing (including diapers). Some desire caretakers such as "mommies and daddies" to tend to their needs. "Mommies" and "daddies" are people who enjoy the responsibility of child-rearing and care, sometimes finding great satisfaction in having control and responsibility for someone's life even if they are a capable adult. Age play usually involves wearing diapers, but not always. See the "Diapers" description for more information.

Amputation/Amputees: This is the kink or fetish of either the act of removing body parts, or having already removed body parts. People who have amputation fetishes often get body parts removed (sometimes minor ones such as fingers and toes, or more extreme ones like whole or partial limbs, and even genitalia) and become aroused by seeing/feeling the area and/or the thought of the removal process itself. Sometimes this is linked to domination and submission, as the person with an amputated body part will obviously be unable to perform certain tasks (in extreme cases), and is sometimes linked to pet play. Stumps of arms and legs can be highly sexual to those who enjoy amputation or amputees.

Anonymous Sex: This is the kink or fetish of not knowing who your partner is. This can range from glory holes to full body suits to conceal who you're playing with. People who enjoy anonymous sex are often aroused by the fact that they have no idea who their partner is, or their partner has no idea who they are. This can sometimes be linked with sensory deprivation. Read the "Vacuum Bed" section for more information.

Asphyxiation: The fetish or kink of breath control. This can range from light play with hands or rope around your neck, to complete airway constriction such as hanging, or covering the face. Asphyxiation can be very appealing to those into domination and submissive play or rough sex, but there is actually a "high" achieved from the lack of oxygen that can really enhance sexual pleasure. The high brings a feeling of euphoria and dizziness, and it can even increase the pleasure of an orgasm.

Controlled asphyxiation done with a trust-able and knowledgeable partner can be highly satisfying and pleasurable. Auto-asphyxiation (self breath-control) on the other hand, can be extremely dangerous if done incorrectly. Never do auto-asphyxiation in a situation where you have difficulty removing your breath-control device, whatever it may be. When in the dizzy euphoric state of an asphyxiated orgasm, one can easily go too far and pass out, which can easily lead to death if the body isn't allowed to get air afterwards.

Bad Smells: While this is often related to other kinks and fetishes, like farts and feet, it also covers things like skunk spray. This fetish differs for everyone, some people simply enjoy the smell of things like gasoline, some get extremely aroused by even the thought of smelling a skunk's spray. This is the most common in the feet and furry fetish communities.

Balloons: People who have a sexual attraction to balloons are often called "looners". The kink or fetish can range from simply playing with balloons to being inside balloons, popping balloons, inserting them into the body, or even transforming into a balloon. Balloon kinks are linked to latex kinks, as many people who like balloons or latex enjoy them because of the texture and tightness.

For some, the excitement of popping balloons can be very sexually exciting. For others, the thought of popping a balloon is like killing it, and is very upsetting. People who view balloons as living beings will often have intimate relationships with them and try to prolong the balloons life for as long as possible, letting them deflate or "die" naturally with time while showing them great care and love. Some find the act of expansion the sexually arousing part of balloons. Seeing them get bigger can be very exciting!

The subjects of a looner's offection can range from inflatable toys to balloon animals to weather balloons, depending on the person's preference. This kink or fetish is often closely linked to inflation.

Bestiality: This is the kink or fetish for sexual acts with animals. This is illegal in most places and can be very dangerous as many diseases are easily transmitted from animal to human. The most common animals involved in bestiality acts are dogs and horses, but many people have fetishes for specific species or even specific breeds. People with bestiality fetishes are not always zoophiles. Some don't care about the animal's well being and often abuse them in other ways.

Dogs are commonly sexually abused by people into bestiality. Since canines view sex as an act of dominance, dogs are often scared and extremely submissive to their owners who rape them. Dogs who are allowed to mount their owners gain a sense of dominance over humans and often need to be re-trained or even put down because they view themselves higher than their owners and become very aggressive.

Branding: Branding is the act of pressing hot metal into the skin to create a scar, a type of scarification. This kink ranges from light and temporary scars from cell-popping (needle branding) to entire areas of skin being burnt off, pleasure is derived from branding others, getting branded or seeing the scars from branding. Part of hard body modification culture and BDSM, branding can be done in beautiful patterns and shapes for aesthetics, or sometimes for showing ownership in dom & sub relationships.

Breast Expansion: This is a growth kink or fetish specifically involving breasts. Not just large breasts, but the sight of breasts growing, often immensely large. Sometimes related to inflation and weight gain fetishes, this exists mostly in fantasy, but it can be done in reality (somewhat) by injecting saline into the breasts.

Burping: Burping, often paired with fart kinks and fetishes, usually involves watching/hearing someone burp. Food and feeding fetishes also go hand in hand with burping. Most burp fetishists prefer "natural burps" caused by gas build up in the stomach, not forced ones. Some burp fetishists like to see a full belly, or even enjoy the person talking about how they're being "a pig". Sometimes part of vore, this fetish's fan-base is largely straight males.

Cages: While this sounds claustrophobic to most, some people get aroused by being locked up in small spaces. Part of BDSM culture, usually the sub is locked up in a box or cage. Sometimes they are teased, sometimes left alone for hours at a time. The feelings of being controlled and degraded arouse those with this fetish. This can also be enjoyable for the dom, who may get pleasure from having control over their sub. People who enjoy cages may also enjoy vacuum beds and cubes.

Castration: The kink or fetish for either removing the testicles, or people with testicles already removed. Sometimes done in hard body modification culture, the testicles are removed surgically. Often the scrotum is trimmed or cut away completely and the area is stitched up. This can be part of the nullification process, or part of dom & sub relationships. People with no testicles must be on hormone treatment to regulate their body's hormone levels, they can experience normal sexual function even after removal.


Crushing: This kink or fetish comes in several different forms. Body part crushing (usually genitals), object and food crushing, and animal crushing. Animal crushing is illegal in the USA and many other countries, this is an extremely cruel practice usually involving a woman stomping an animal (such as insects, kittens, birds and puppies) to death in high heels or boots. Another form of the fetish includes body part crushing, which usually involves a woman stomping on a male's genitals in heels or boots. While this is very dangerous and potentially damaging, care is often taken to not completely mutilate the body parts, but just cause them extreme pain. Sometimes this involves crushing of hands, fingers, toes and the face. Part of BDSM culture, this often involves dom & sub relationships, most commonly femdoms. Object and food crushing usually involves the crusher "not knowing what she's stepping on", and accidentally crushing a toy or piece of food. Food crushing fetishists tend to like eggs, crackers, and food that can be mushed up around the feet. Often related to shoe and foot fetishes, it can also play a major role in micro and macro fetishes.

Cuckolding: People with cuckolding kinks or fetishes find it highly arousing to see their partners engaging in sexual situations with people other than themselves. Often relating to men who like being emasculated, seeing their partners being pleasured by someone else is quite arousing. Sometimes related to humiliation fetishes and dom & sub relationships.

Cum Inflation: Related to inflation but more specific, this fetish is for literally being blown up like a balloon with loads of male ejaculate. While normal inflation usually involves air or water, cum inflation involves one of the partners producing an exorbitant amount of semen (impossible in reality) and "pumping" their partner so full that they bulge in the stomach area or their entire bodies inflate. Sometimes linked to forms of hyper fetishes, this one often includes the semen producer having massive testicles to hold all of the cum. Obviously, this fetish is purely fantasy as it is physically impossible. This fetish is popular in the furry subculture.

Denial: This can refer to a few different sub-kinks. Orgasm denial is the control of someone's orgasm, often teasing them but not letting them release. Bathroom denial involves someone not letting their partner urinate or defecate as part of dom & sub play. People may also enjoy urination denial because many of the same nerves that are stimulated during sex (g-spot and prostate play) are pressured when you need to urinate. Other forms of denial include sensory denial and food/water denial.

Diapers: Not always related to scat, watersports or age play, diapers are often seen as a sign of innocence and helplessness. Many develop this kink or fetish early in life as they relate wearing diapers with being loved and cared for. Some diaper fetishists only wear them at home while some wear them 24/7. Some diaper fetishists enjoy "filling" their diapers, some going to great lengths to become incontinent (unable to control urination) so that they literally require diapers.

Dolls: The kink or fetish for dolls and inanimate human-appearing objects. This can include mannequins, toys, RealDolls, inflatable sex dolls and more. Many people with doll kinks and fetishes enjoy being in complete control of their sexual partners, as they are completely unable to respond. Part of dom & sub relationships, many doll fetishists treat their dolls like living people while acknowledging that they are in fact inanimate. Another control factor with dolls and mannequins is that you can change how they look, alter their features, apply makeup, and clothes. This allows you to create a partner who is ideal looks-wise, and is always willing to put on your favorite sexy outfit. Some people turn to dolls as substitute partners because they either don't want to deal with the complexities of a relationship, or are for whatever reason unable to get a living partner.

Drowning: Closely related to asphyxiation and sensory deprivation kinks and fetishes, some people enjoy the sensation of being underwater, unable to get air. Some people with this kink or fetish enjoy it because they are not in control of the situation, related to extreme submissiveness.

Drugs: While some people enjoy the sensation of sex while on drugs (such as cocaine, ecstasy, heroin, marijuana, alcohol, etc.), others find people who are high very attractive. Some drug fetishists enjoy people who are so high that they are unable to fully control themselves physically. This is related to dom & sub relationships, as the not-high person will be more in control of the situation. People who enjoy sex while on drugs may enjoy the fact that they are not in complete control of the situation, and certain drugs like ecstasy can make the body more sensitive, heightening the feelings of sex. This can often be mistaken for "taking advantage" of people in drug induced states, but this is usually consensual. "Roofies" (or Rohypnol) can also fall under drug fetishes but the use of them tends to not be a fetish, but rather a rape opportunity.

Eating: Eating kinks and fetishes are usually paired with weight gain fetishes. Sometimes vore is also involved. While food itself is also a fetish, eating is rather specific.

Typically, this involves a "feeder" and an "eater" or "gainer". The Feeder gets pleasure from giving the Eater/Gainer food and seeing their bodies grow. Eaters/Gainers may enjoy the sensation of being pampered and fed, as well as gaining weight, even finding food itself sensual. Sometimes related with dom & sub relationships, the Feeder may enjoy treating the Eater/Gainer like royalty, while the Eater/Gainer may enjoy controlling the Feeder.

While this seems like a happy mutual situation, the Eater (or Gainer) is at risk. Sometimes becoming morbidly obese, the Eater is subjected to all of the possible health concerns that come with being overweight, and often having high fat and high cholesterol diets. When controlled, this fetish isn't harmful and can be a pleasurable lifestyle for both the Feeder and Eater/Gainer. See the food vore section for more information.

Farts: Sometimes it's the sound, the feeling or the smell of farts that can be very appealing to fart fetishists. Sometimes related to vore, food, eating, scat, burping, ass worship and several other kinks and fetishes, this is more common than you may think. Some fart fetishists love hearing the sound of a big, loud natural fart coming from the butt of someone they find attractive. Some wish to smell the farts, or be forced to smell them as a part of dom & sub relationships. Some enjoy the feeling of farting themselves, or wish for their partner to fart on them while penetrating them. Some fart fetishes like it paired with eating or being eaten (vore) as part of the digestion process. Strangely, this fetish's fanbase is largely male, and often is mixed with burping fetishes.

Feet: This is one of the most well known kinks on this list. This is a sexual attraction specific to feet. Sometimes paired with shoe, tickling, crushing and bad smell kinks and fetishes, this can also include foot worship. People with foot fetishes often enjoy licking toes and the soles of feet or otherwise playing with them. Some enjoy "foot-jobs" as opposed to hand-jobs, or just general foot play. Some foot fetishists get great pleasure from massaging other people's feet and sometimes ankles. Socks and shoes are often a big part of foot fetishes, sometimes the smell of used sweaty socks and shoes can be very arousing to those with foot fetishes. Some foot fetishes are largely BDSM related, as some people enjoy being stepped on and/or abused by those wearing boots or high heels. Some foot fetishes are paired strongly with tickling fetishes, sometimes restraining people and teasing their feet with feathers or fingers.

Female Muscle: This is exactly what it sounds like. This is the kink or fetish for muscular females! This can range from light tone to body-builder amounts of muscle. Often related with dom & sub play, people who enjoy female muscle may also like femdoms and being emasculated.

  F (continued)

Fire: Fire play has a wide range of possibilities, ranging from lighting candles in a room, to being burned, to arson. Candles are sometimes paired with bondage, where the person will have hot wax dripped on them. Sometimes people who enjoy candles and sounding will insert thin tapered candles into the urethra and let it burn down to the base. In extreme cases, usually people with fire related trauma will get sexual kicks from lighting things on fire or seeing things on fire.

Furry: The furry community is largely based online, and isn't a fetish in itself. In fact, a large portion of the furry fandom is not sex-related, but furry is famous because so many fetishes, kinks and obscure things have come out of it.

Furry simply means anthropomorphic, or human animal. The fandom focuses on animals of all kinds in many forms. Ferals are furries that are mostly animal, sometimes talking and human-like in personality(such as the characters in Lion King). Typical anthro furries are in between human and animal (such as the characters Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck). The mostly human furries referred to by the Japanese word kemonomimi (meaning roughly "animal ears"), usually these are human characters with animal ears, tails and sometimes whiskers, paws, eyes and markings. Many furries explain that the thought of having extra parts such as wings, fur, dog ears, horns and abnormal genitals is novel and exciting compared to "boring human bodies".

The furry fandom is largely an art and art appreciation community made up of artists, animators, writers, sculptors, seamstresses, taxidermists, and of course, fetishists. The sexual part of the furry fandom explores a huge range of fetishes like bondage, vore, feet, skunk spray, inflation, age play, and micro/macro play. Furry sex is referred to as "yiff", coming from the small bark sound that foxes make.

Though many furries enjoy animal sex organs, feral yiff, and otherwise heavily animal-related things, they are not necessarily interested in real bestiality. Furries with interest in bestiality are often banned from popular furry sites and shunned by most of the community, but there is definitely a piece of the fandom with a strong interest in sex with real animals.

Furry is not a club, organization or specific group. There is no hard definition of someone who is furry. This is a self-chosen label. People involved in the fandom can range from art-appreciators with no fursona (an animal persona), to artists who attend furry meetings and conventions, to life-stylers who life 24/7 acting as their chosen animal. Some furries wish to become part animal. Some believe they are spiritually animals. Some have no interest in being anything other than human.

If all of this is interesting to you, read the two other Wild Kink Alphabet articles to find out about even more kinks that you never even knew existed! Maybe you'll even find something you would like to try!

The Wild Kink Alphabet: A - F | G - N | O - Z


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