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The Wild Kink Alphabet O-Z
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The last of The Wild Kink Alphabet series, covering the letters O (for oviposition) through Z (for Zentai)! Have you ever heard of Zentai suits? Transformation? Vore? Kinks and fetishes go far beyond the well known BDSM spectrum, what's out there in the endless void of fetishism?


Oviposition: The kink or fetish for egg laying. This can mean laying eggs, or watching someone (or an animal) lay eggs. Many oviposition fetishists enjoy watching anthro characters or humans "lay eggs", while some relate it with impregnation, especially with tentacles placing the eggs inside someone. This is a pretty uncommon kink, usually seen in the furry community.

Plushies/Stuffed Animals: Usually only seen within the furry community, this kink or fetish involves the act of having sex with "plushies" or stuffed creatures. Many plushie fetishists have custom made or altered plushies with SPHs (strategically placed holes) sewn into them, and will pay high prices for one of these special stuffed animals. Some plushie fetishists actually fantasize about being a plushie, as the thought of being an intimate object is linked with extreme dom and dub play.

Pregnancy/Impregnation: One of the more common fetishes on this list, impregnation and pregnancy fetishes are actually functional, as this means the person wishes to procreate or see people procreate. Impregnation fetishists often get off to the thought of getting their partner pregnant or getting pregnant themselves, while other pregnancy fetishists fantasize about the large bellies and swollen breasts of pregnant females (or the feeling of being pregnant and swollen). Some pregnancy fetishists wish to "be eternally pregnant" or be with someone who is "eternally pregnant" because of the pleasing aesthetics of a pregnant body. Some impregnation fetishists do not wish to actually become pregnant, but rather like the thrill and idea of getting impregnated or impregnating their partner.

Rape: Not the act of rough but willing sex, a rape fetish literally means a fetish for non-consensual sex. This fetish is extremely often mistaken for rough or even surprise sex with a consenting partner, even if they act like they don't consent. Actual rape fetishists fantasize about taking a victim who does not want sex, sometimes strangers, or getting raped by someone, which can be argued as consent. This is closely related to BDSM fetishes and is usually fantasized about by people who are on the extreme end of the dom or sub spectrum or have been raped in the past. The fetish is sometimes a way of coping with the traumatic event. As rape is immoral and illegal throughout most of the world, this is best left in fantasy or explored through role play.

Scat: The fetish of poop! Shit, dung, defecation, feces, whatever you want to call it, this kink or fetish involves feces in some way. This can range from watching someone defecate, to eating feces, to smelling them, to rubbing them on their body. Sometimes related with diaper play, but not always. Some scat fetishists enjoy watching people (usually girls) defecate in tight clothes or underwear, while others enjoy being defecated on, or just enjoy pooping. This kink or fetish may also be part of humiliation play, where someone is forced to defecate. This type of play requires a lot of care and cleanup, as feces often carry harmful bacteria.

Shoes: Separate from a foot fetish, some people greatly enjoy shoes, especially used shoes. Often, smelly shoes are the most prized, and are sometimes played with involving other fetishes such as watersports, food play, and crushing. Some shoe fetishists enjoy wearing high heel boots as an addition to S&M play, while others enjoy exercise shoes, even sandals.

Sinking: Sinking, which can be related with either water or quicksand most commonly, is usually a fantasy-only fetish as it is extremely dangerous. Sinking in water or other liquids is often related to asphyxiation, while quick-sand is usually more related to the feeling of being encompassed in sand, where it envelops you entirely and hugs every crevasse of the body. People who enjoy sinking may also enjoy other feelings of tightness and/or sensory deprivation, including latex suits, vacuum beds and other tight sensations.

Sounding: Also referred to as urethral play, sounding usually involves inserting something into the urethra. Classically, sounding wasn't even done as a sexual act, but a medical procedure to help those who have blockages and issues urinating. Special medical grade sounding rods made of steel are the most popular pieces used to do urethral play, but since it has caught on in the BDSM community, specially made pleasurable sounds have been created from various materials such as plastic, silicone and even tempered glass. Sounding play stimulates nerves inside of the urethra, which can be very pleasurable, or extremely painful if done wrong. Sometimes sounding play is combined with medical play, bondage and pain play.

Sneezing: This is just what it sounds like, the kink or fetish for sneezing or watching others sneeze! Sneezing actually causes many of the same muscles to contract as an orgasm, which is why many sneeze enthusiasts love the actual moment of a sneeze. This is a harmless kink or fetish that may be paired with tickling and light bondage.


Snuff: The kink or fetish for death, either killing someone or yourself dying. Often paired with hard BDSM, pain play, asphyxiation, dom & sub play, beating, and rape. In most places, non-drawn snuff pornography is illegal for obvious reasons, but many people into snuff will find fake-snuff, gore gifs, and pictures to substitute. People interested in snuff may also be interested in necrophilia (or some form of it). Directly related to dom & sub play, snuff is the ultimate control/being controlled situation. Even "fake/play snuff" acts can be highly dangerous. People who meet up via necro/snuff enthusiast forums are willingly risking their lives even though many do not want to actually kill or be killed, but rather play through the act of it, usually ending in the submissive being unconscious from beating or asphyxiation.

Technophilia: We're not talking about people who love their iPads. This is the kink or fetish for things like cyborgs, robots and other electronics! People who enjoy technophilia may be interested in becoming a robot made to serve others (as a form of dom and sub play), transforming others into cyborgs/robots, dominating others via crushing or weapons as a mecha (large robot suits popular in Japanese anime), or even replacing amputated limbs with robotic ones. Technophilia is usually related to dom & sub play in some way, but some enthusiasts may simply enjoy the wide range of possibilities and aesthetics for robots, cyborgs and mechas.

Tentacles: Sometimes related with slime/goo or creature/monsters, this is the kink or fetish for tentacles that sexually please you. Originally part of a Japanese folktale, tentacle porn has been made famous through hentai. Tentacles may or may not be attached to a monster or creature, tentacles in porn often come from monstrous plants or unexplained voids. Tentacles may be shaped like the traditional octopus arms, or vine-like ropes, or even long penis shapes. Often referred to as "tentacle rape", the characters in tentacle porn often become willing through "poisons or excretions" from the tentacles that make the victim want the act to continue.

Tickling: Often paired with some bondage, this is a rather light-hearted form of sexual torture. Tickling often causes the body to tense up, flexing some of the same muscles as an orgasm, and many tickle enthusiasts see it as very intimate. People with tickling kinks or fetishes may enjoy seeing their partners cry from laughter, unable to control themselves while gentle hands run across their body. They may also enjoy it when they are tickled, sort of revoking control of their bodies temporarily. This is a rather harmless fetish with a large and diverse fanbase.

Transformation: This can describe several different sub-fetishes, and is referred to as TF for short. Mostly impossible in real life, these kinks and fetishes are usually only seen in drawn or animated porn, it's the most popular in the furry fandom.

There are different genres known as human-animal TF, object TF, gender TF, cock TF, and combining TF. Human-animal TF usually includes a human being transformed in some way into an animal, willingly or unwillingly. Common in folklore, human to animal TF can happen a number of ways, including special suits (like Selkies), potions/magic, and surgical. People who enjoy human to animal TF may enjoy it as a form of submission, as they are unable to control the transformation and may lose human abilities such as speech, the use of their hands, and recognition in general society.

Object TF is one step further submission play wise, it is where a person is transformed into an object, usually unwillingly. Unable to respond, object TF often includes the person being transformed into an object like a dildo or pool toy, and being used without their consent.

Gender TF is actually mislabled, as gender is a person's mental identity, a person's physical sex is actually what is changing during gender TF. Often without consent, someone's physical sex is changed, usually to the opposite sex, or sometimes into hermaphrodites. This is usually a male being transformed into a female as an extreme form of emasculinization.

Cock TF is uncommon, it usually includes 2 people, one as the dominant, one as the submissive. The submissive is transformed, usually forcibly, into the dom's penis (sometimes testicles) to create a hyper-penis. This may also include the submissive transforming into semen inside of the testicles as part of cock vore.

Combining TF is probably the rarest form of TF porn. Combining TF literally includes the submissive being absorbed by the dominant, usually unwillingly.

Unbirthing: This is just what it sounds like. Unbirthing is the fetish for... well, unbirthing! This usually includes a woman or female animal, plus someone being unbirthed. Someone fits themselves into the vagina, and usually penetrates the cervix, ending up in the womb. Large animals are popular with unbirthing in furry porn, but this is also seen in the hentai community. People interested in unbirthing may also like vore, as many enjoy unbirthing because of the intimacy of being in a tight space inside of someone else.

Vacuum Beds/Cubes: A form of extreme bondage and sensory deprivation, vacuum beds and cubes are contraptions made of latex that are sealed around a person (or persons). Usually made from black latex, these beds and cubes seal around the person and have the air sucked out of them, leaving the person to breathe through a tube, with no other openings. The person inside is unable to see, hear or move in any way. If you're having a hard time invisioning a bed/cube, there's lots of videos on YouTube. Extreme latex enthusiasts may love vacuum beds as a way to be completely surrounded by tight latex.

Vomit: Emetophilia or vomit fetishes/kinks usually include being vomited on, watching others vomit, or enjoying the sensation of vomiting. Vomit enthusiests usually enjoy the sensations of vomiting over the vomit itself, including heaving, expulsion and the relief that comes afterwards. This is sometimes related to dom & sub play, where someone forces the other to vomit, sometimes humiliating them. People who enjoy vomit may also enjoy scat, watersports, burping and other bodily functions.

Vore: Vore, like transformation, is actually an umbrella term for a few different sub-kinks. Vore always includes someone or something being consumed in some way.

The most common type of vore includes someone (or something) eating someone (or something), which may include playing with their "food", swallowing, and spitting them back up, or digesting them. Many vore enthusiests enjoy this as a form of domination, usually combined with micro and macro play. Some who enjoy vore may like the idea of being swallowed or played with in a mouth, where they are enveloped by soft, tight, wet skin. Hard and soft are terms usually used to describe oral forms of vore. Soft means no gore, no chewing, and often no digestion, usually this is just mouth-play and swallowing. Hard means gore, chewing, blood, snuff, digestion and sometimes ending in scat.

Cock vore is one of the less common types of vore. This includes a person, usually forcefully, inserting an object, animal or another person into their urethra, literally "eating" them with their penis. This is sometimes combined with tranformation, where the inserted object/animal/person is pushed down into the testicles where they are transformed into semen.

Anal vore is where someone literally "eats" someone or something with their anus, often trapping them inside.

Food vore, usually related to eating fetishes, is where someone eats food! Food vore enthusiasts may enjoy the sensuality of the mouth, or the rather obscure domination over what is being eaten. They may also enjoy the rest of the digestion process, including burping, farting, watersports and scat.

Pussy vore (or vaginal vore) may also be included, but is usually considered unbirthing. Other less common forms of vore include nipple vore (consuming someone/something with one's nipples) and soul vore (consumption of the soul).


Watersports: This isn't exactly what it sounds like. This is the kink or fetish for urine! People who enjoy watersports may also enjoy diapers, age play, or scat. This is a pretty diverse kink, and it can be incorporated into many other kinks and sexual acts. People who enjoy watersports may enjoy urinating or seeing others urinate in tight clothing, urinating on other people (or during sex), urinating on certain objects (such as shoes), or urinating in someone's mouth and forcing them to swallow. Special bondage masks can force someone to drink their own urine or their partner's, usually made from latex with a mouthpiece. Not all watersports play involves dom & sub play, some may simply enjoy the feeling of urination. Sometimes this is paired with denial play.

Zentai These are stretchy fabric suits that cover a person from head to toe, completely concealing their identity. Usually used for costumes, Zentai suits have become popular among people who enjoy anonymous sex. The feeling of being anonymous may be arousing, or the hugging sensation of being in a tight suit. People are usually nude underneath the suits. The thin fabric allows the feeling of nudity but is safe for the public eye. People who enjoy Zentai suits may also enjoy other types of suits, latex, tight clothing such as stockings, masks and anonymous sex. If you'd like a more in-depth look at Zentais, check out this article.

If all of this is interesting to you, read the two other Wild Kink Alphabet articles to find out about even more kinks that you never even knew existed! Maybe you'll even find something you would like to try!

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