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The Wild Kink Alphabet G-N
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The second section in The Wild Kink Alphabet series, covering the letters G (for guro) though N (for necrophilia)! Have you ever heard of macros? Guro? Hypers? Kinks and fetishes go far beyond the well known BDSM spectrum, what's out there in the endless void of fetishism?


Guro: Guro is blood-and-guts gore, often involving disemboweling and otherwise permanently damaging gashes for erotic stimulation. Guro is not always linked to snuff, vore or non-consensual play, many people with guro kinks and fetishes wish to be disemboweled themselves. While you may think that only extreme sado-masochists, murderers and people with extreme trauma would be interested in guro, it's actually more common in online communities of mentally-sound people than you'd think. Somewhat popular in the hentai (anime porn) community, this kink isn't necessarily about harming someone, but it can be an intense act of trust and love, as well as an absolute fascination for our internal anatomy. People who enjoy guro may also enjoy amputation/amputees, nullo, body modifications, vore, snuff, non-con, pain play, cutting and medical play.

Goo/Slime: Sometimes related with vore and even sinking, this is the kink or fetish for slime and goo, often in the form of slippery slimy tentacles. Popular in the furry fandom and also related to "wet and messy" fetishes (sexual play involving any sort of wet mess including cum, food, slime, etc.), people who enjoy goo and slime may like the idea of being surrounded by a gooey monster who lives to sexually pleasure you.

Guns: When you think of guns, you might think of getting shot. Who would think being shot is sexy? However, that's usually not the case here. Many gun fetishists enjoy them as a symbol of power. Sometimes related to military, rape, and uniform kinks and fetishes, guns are almost always related with heavy domination and power, as you would expect with something that could easily take your life. Gun porn often involves a dominant female posing with, firing, or even performing sexual acts with various types of firearms.

Hyper: Hyper fetishists enjoy people (or themselves) with some part of their body being monstrously huge. This could mean hyper breasts, hyper muscles (think of a body builder X2+), hyper testicles, hyper penises, even hyper anuses. Popular in the furry fandom, the most common type of hyper porn you'll see is muscle and penis, usually combined. Heavily related to domination and power-play, people who enjoy hypers may also enjoy macro and micro porn. While this kink is mostly left in fantasy, it can somewhat become reality with extensive body building, implants and saline (or silicone) injections.

Hypnotism/Mind Control: Heavily related to dom & sub play, this usually involves someone being hypnotized or mind controlled into doing sexual acts. Mind control and hypnotism porn can include "traditional hypnotism" (a swinging object or pocket watch), hypnotic eyes, drugs and potions, or magic. People who enjoy the idea of hypnotism or mind control may also be interested in other dom & sub related kinks such as bondage.

Inflation: Inflation is an uncommon kink that shows up most often in the furry and hentai communities. Inflation can refer to a few different kinks, such as cum inflation porn, air inflation porn, and real intestinal inflation. Refer to the Cum Inflation section in the first article for more information. Air inflation is the most common type of inflation porn, it usually involves a person being inflated with an air pump to comical sizes. Some inflation fetishists only enjoy stomachs being inflated. Some like the whole body to be inflated. This seems like something that could only happen in drawn or animated porn, but in fact, people engage in lesser forms of inflation in real life. Usually using bike or hand pumps, a tube is inserted into the anus and the intestines are inflated with air, creating a bulging belly and feeling of fullness. While this is harmless play to a degree, it can quickly and easily become very dangerous, as the intestines can rupture with too much air pressure.

Kigurumi: Kigurumi refers to two separate things, anime masks, and baggy onsey-style pajamas usually modeled after cute cartoon animals. The baggy onesies aren't usually related with kinks and fetishism. The masks are usually worn as part of cosplays, which is where the sexual part comes in. Most commonly, men who are into kigurumi dress as female anime characters as a form of transvestism, often incorporating wigs, skin tone Zentai suits (to conceal body hair and imperfections) and whole outfits to go with the masks.

Lactation: Milk! This is the kink or fetish for the production of milk, which may be combined with pregnancy or furry fetishes. People who enjoy lactation may also enjoy breast expansion, hyper breasts, or wet and messy fetishes. As not all females are lactating constantly, hentai has made lactation porn much more available, often bringing it to extremes. Some people who enjoy lactation may want to nurse, be milked, or milk their partner, even using cow milking devices. This isn't to be confused with the term "milking" which may simply refer to the motion of milking an animal but done on a penis, or even the male prostate, with the ejaculate being referred to as milk.

Lolicon: Exclusive to anime porn, this is a Japanese term for young girls. While this may seem like pedophilia, people interested in Lolicon are often more focused on innocence, regardless of whether the character is of legal age or not. People interested in Lolicon may also be interested in the body shape of the stereotypical Loli character, a flat chest, wide hips and subtle curves.


Macro: The kink or fetish for being large or playing with large people (not obese). We're talking 10ft tall and often much bigger. Sometimes this involves a growth fetish and vore, but not always. Sometimes involving crushing, this fetish, closely linked to dom & sub play, often involves seeing huge people (or being huge yourself) smashing things or stepping on people.

Masks: Not necessarily kigurumi, most mask fetishists are men with interests in transvetism, usually wearing masks modeled after beautiful women. Some mask fetishists enjoy them as a form of emasculation or submission, sometimes even enjoying being locked inside of a mask.

Micro: Often related to macro kinks and fetishes, this is the kink or fetish of being tiny or playing with tiny people. Tiny as in inches tall or smaller, sometimes involved with vore, feet and crushing. Like macro, micro is closely linked to dom & sub play. Many people who enjoy micro may enjoy somewhat "strange" forms of domination, such as a micro person accidentally falling into someone's food and getting eaten, without the knowledge of the eater. One micro-vore enthusiast once described to me that the appeal of micro-vore for him, was being so tiny and insignificant that your dominant isn't even aware that you are present, or are being hurt/eaten/crushed. Many micro enthusiasts enjoy being smothered or crushed by larger people's butts, breasts or feet.

Monsters/Creatures: This can describe a wide range of creatures, from tentacle monsters, aliens, werewolves, goo-monsters, even ghosts. People with this kink or fetish often enjoy the idea of being dominated by a large scary creature such as a werewolf (or being a creature themselves!) as a form of dom & sub play. People interested in monsters/creatures usually aren't interested in participating in actual bestiality, though this is not unheard of. Some people interested in this kink may simply enjoy the aesthetic appeal of something that is not the average human.

Mpreg: Short for "male pregnancy". Mostly popular in the hentai community and made famous by the yaoi community, this kink or fetish's fanbase is largely young women. There is often no anatomical explanation of how the male becomes pregnant or how he properly gestates and gives birth. Many women who find mpreg appealing enjoy fictional male on male relationships but wish for pregnancy and children to be included in the fantasy, possibly because they may physically identify with the ability to become pregnant. This kink or fetish may involve characters who are "eternally pregnant", or graphic drawn-out birth scenes.

Multiple Body Parts: This may refer to multiple limbs (such as taurs) or multiple genitals (including breasts, anuses, vaginas and penises). Popularly paired with furry, monster/creature and hyper kinks and fetishes, this is often linked with dom & sub play. Having multiple (often large) penises and limbs is often seen as powerful and dominating, and multiple breasts as highly sexual and lustful. As this kink or fetish is pretty difficult to achieve in reality, it is mostly popular in furry and hentai communities.

Necrophilia: Literally the fetish or kink for dead people. This isn't to be confused with people who enjoy the idea of zombies, vampires and other "undead" creatures. Necrophilia refers to actual inanimate deceased people. Closely related to extreme dom & sub play, people with necrophilia kinks and fetishes enjoy the idea of being in complete and total control of their partners. They may also enjoy that their partner is unable to respond and is unaware of what their body is being used for. People with necrophilia fetishes and kinks may not actually be interested in completely dead people, but unconscious people. Some may be interested in being strangled or beaten until they are unconscious ("dead") and then being violated sexually (or doing the strangling/violating). Some may enjoy this fetish because it is very closely related to snuff.

Nullo: Part of hard BDSM and body modification culture, some people want their genitalia to be removed or "nullified", often as part of orgasm denial. This is very uncommon and dangerous if not performed by a trained doctor, but it's illegal in most places, even with consent of the patient.

If all of this is interesting to you, read the two other Wild Kink Alphabet articles to find out about even more kinks that you never even knew existed! Maybe you'll even find something you would like to try!

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Contributor: SmutGeek

I like this series. Just wanted to add Human Buffet to the kink list. Eating food off of another person is often characterized by the whipped cream and cherries most people associate with it but also sushi, fruit and other finger foods can be eaten off of the body. This kink can go hand in hand with objectification - treating a person like a piece of furniture.

Also wanted to add lolita fashion to the lolicon segment. While Lolita fashion is not a fetish in itself, it can add to age play or lolicon easily by bringing in young or doll-like clothing into the play.



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