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Sex and Fitness
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There are many benefits to fitness: a healthier body, longer life, lower stress, and a more toned looking body. But what about your sex life? Does fitness provide any benefits to that?


Exercising increases your endurance. During your workouts, it means you’ll be able to run or swim longer. It also makes you last longer in bed.

If your endurance is low, you can’t expect to last long during intense sex sessions before getting tired or winded. When you’re endurance training, you’re increasing your heart rate for certain amounts of time. You’ll usually try to keep your heart rate above a certain number for that amount of time. Endurance exercises include running, jogging, or swimming.

Keep in mind that with endurance training you’ll need to slowly increase the amount of exercise you do. You can’t expect to run for an hour straight if you’ve never done it before. Work your way up from a couple of minutes at a time to your end goal.


Strength training increases how strong your muscles are. Your entire body is made of muscles so you can really work any muscle you want to. Women typically work on their stomachs, butts, and thighs, while men typically work on their arms, shoulders, abs, and chests. I personally tend to work on my arms, thighs, butt, and abs.

Not being very strong may mean you’ll have difficulty supporting yourself or a partner during sex. Some positions can be very demanding on muscle strength. Having to switch to other positions frequently due to an inability to support yourself or your partner isn’t fun.

Some strength training exercises include: weight lifting, kettlebell swings, and resistance training. As with endurance training, you’ll want to slowly work your way up from 5 pound weights to those 50 pound weights. You’ll need to make sure to stretch out after your workout, too, to help cool your muscles down. I recommend drinking a protein shake or eating a protein bar afterwards to help rebuild your muscles, which break down during strength workouts.


Flexibility is very important for our everyday lives. It decreases your chances of hurting yourself during other exercise routines. It also reduces the amount of pain you’ll experience after other workouts. You’ll also notice it improves your posture.

Increasing your flexibility level allows you to have sex in the more complicated positions, like The Bridge. The improvement to your posture also may also make you appear even sexier. You’ll also notice that complicated sex positions don’t hurt the muscles you depend on as much.

There are a few ways to enhance your flexibility. You can try yoga workouts or simply do some basic stretching. The stretching done before and after a workout (the warm up and cool down) count as well.

  Other Benefits

Aside from increases in your endurance, strength, and flexibility, you’ll notice a few other things after working out. The boost to your self-esteem and the act of getting your heart rate up makes you want sex more. The increased heart rate and circulation you experience during a workout are very similar to those you experience when you’re turned on during foreplay. You’ll also appear sexier to your partner. When you work out and sweat, your skin releases pheromones. These pheromones, which don’t have a scent to them, attract potential partners even more.

Exercise is great for reducing stress. Feeling stressed out because of a big project at work? Try taking it out on a punching bag or by following a kickboxing training DVD. Putting all of that energy into a workout makes you feel more satisfied and happier about yourself and less stressed out about day-to-day things.


Working out is really great for your health. You don’t have to be a fitness buff or spend long hours at the gym to experience the benefits. A few minutes every day can help improve your life drastically, especially if you are living a sedentary lifestyle. Pair it up with a good, healthy diet for even more benefits.



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