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SexIs Subjective: Halloween Costumes Are Over Sexualized
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Halloween costumes aren't offered in a wide variety. It seems your body size and gender pre-determine what kind of costume you'll be getting. Shouldn't you be allowed to pick whatever kind of costume you want, regardless of who you are?


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Contributor: K101

Darkitt3n! I LOVED this article! I totally agree. I have run into the same issue -- all costumes for us are totally revealing and downright inappropriate for the typical Halloween night (trick or treating). I don't want to wear lingerie type clothing as a costume, but like you, would love something real and actually fun, not something that only puts me in the category of sex-object. It's like it doesn't even matter WHAT or how the costume is done as long as it's sexed up and only made for a certain size.

I'm so with you on this. But I have an idea for you -- make your own costume! That would be awesome! I think it'd be so fun, and would love to do it, but am not skilled enough in the sewing dept. to do much more than a simple children's costume Lol. You could always get a friend's help though, and you can buy costume patterns. My mom made mine once several times. Perhaps that'd work?

Well, thanks for the great eye-opening article!

Contributor: Janis

This is exactly why I hate store-bought costumes. Plus, the selection is so limited, and they're never as good as they look in the pictures. My mother made all of my costumes when I was a child, and now that I'm an adult, I make my own! Sure, one year I was a faerie in a short dress and tights, but that was my choice, and that's the key: We need choice in our costumes! A better size range would be great, as there are far more body types than costume-making companies seem to realize!



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