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How to properly care for a Fleshlight!
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As a Frequent FLyer, I currently own 22 different fleshlights, and after a little trial and error, I've found a simple and safe way to care for your fleshlight(s)! With a few simple materials you can keep your fleshlights as good as new for a very long time.


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Contributor: ToyTimeTim

Good info, I must say I never understood why folks say they are "High maintenance", to me they are just like any other stroker/masturbator. Mold/Mildew does not care what material the toy is made out of, as long as it is dark and moist it can grow.

Contributor: General Iroh

Thanks, I agree completely.

Contributor: butts

Great info, thanks for sharing! We just got our first one (the Flight) and love it, gotta make sure it stays in good shape!

Contributor: Cmorgan2107

Such a great help, getting my first one (Lady Lager) tomorrow and its great now how to take care of it properly!



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