Guide To Sex Toy Storage, Care And Cleaning

New Toy

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    Make sure to read instructions first if there are any
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    Make a note of the product’s material
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    Use a sex toy cleaner before first use
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    If you plan to share the accessory, we recommend using a condom over it



Silicone attracts dust and hairs easily. To prevent that we recommend a dedicated sex toy storage, for example, a plastic bag. That way it will be ready to use right after you take it out.


Products made of silicone are non-porous, which means they do not absorb bacteria like other toys. If there are no mechanical components to your toys, they can be boiled on the stove (3-5 minutes) to be sterilized - use a veggie rack for protection, or you can even put it in the dishwasher to disinfect. If the object is not 100% silicone, you should use a special sex toy cleaner to make sure that you do not damage it.



TPR, TPE, PVC can react to each other badly, so we recommend a separate sex toy storage for each of your gadgets. Always store jelly-like toys away from direct sunlight and heat - they can melt.


Accessories that are made of PVC or elastomers are porous and can trap dirt and bacteria. They cannot be sterilized, so always spend extra time cleaning them. Use antibacterial sex toy cleaner and warm, not hot, water.

Hard Plastic Or Acrylic


Keep your sex toy storage away from sunlight and heat - that way you will prolong the life of your accessories.


Wash with warm water and gentle antibacterial soap.

Glass, Pyrex


Keep your toy in a fabric pouch that will protect them from scratches. Scratches can harbor the dirt and bacteria.


Use a sex toy cleaner or wash with gentle antibacterial soap and water. You can also boil or place your glass toys in the dishwasher if they do not contain a battery compartment or any electrical system.

Stainless Steel


Ensure you store your sex toys in a dry place, so the item won't rust.


You can use a 10% bleach solution, boil them and use a mild soap and water. We do not recommend a dishwasher as some rinse agents are bad for some metals. You also should not use jewelry cleaners on them. Make sure that you dry the metal carefully as you do not want it to rust.

Realistic Materials Such As Cyberskin, Ur3, Soft Touch


For realistic sex toys, storage in separate boxes is a must, because together they can react with each other. If the piece is medium to large-sized, we recommend storing them in the original packaging as it preserves their shape.


Wash these materials with warm, not hot water, and gentle antibacterial soap or a special sex toy cleaner. After a thorough cleaning, let the product air dry completely. Then, apply a light coating of cornstarch to the product to keep it maintained and fresh.

Sex Toy Tips

How To Clean Your Sex Toy When You Are Unsure Of The Material

If you no longer have the toy packaging, you may not be sure what material it is made of; use warm water and a mild soap on a washcloth and let the product air dry.

If You Have Soap Allergies

If you have severe allergies, use hypoallergenic silicone-based toys; silicone can be boiled or wiped with peroxide or bleach solution. Hypoallergenic sex toy cleaners are also a thing - so look for them.

Don't Wash Waterproof Toys In The Dishwasher

Only glass dildos or silicone toys without batteries can be washed in the dishwasher or boiled. Do not submerge gadgets that take batteries, and never submerge electrical toys - use a specialized sex toy cleaner instead.

Why Use Condoms Over Sex Accessories With A Long-Term Partner?

PVC, TPR, TPE and realistic materials are porous and harder to clean thoroughly, so using a condom will extend the life of the product. A condom will keep you both safe from bacteria if the toy is shared between you or switches orifices.

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