Classic Sex Toy Shapes And How They Work

Sex toys are shaped the way they are for a single reason - to cater even more pleasure, deliver better stimulation, provide smarter control. Each curve is dedicated to one of your special spots, each attachment aims at your erogenous zones. Here you will learn why each toy is shaped the way it is, why they work so wonderfully and which sex toy shapes are YOUR best friends.

1 What C-Shaped Sex Toys Are For?

  • Longer shaft rests against the clit
  • Shorter shaft dives inside and spurs the G-spot

Designed with couples in mind, C-shaped toys are meant to be worn during sex. They serve many purposes at once. The unique shape fits the contours of a woman's body, targeting the G and the C-spot at the same time, providing a blooming blended orgasm. The roaring vibrations, while teasing the woman, also spur the man, sending a rumbling buzz along the shaft and narrowing down the vagina opening, creating a tighter fit. The simultaneous orgasm had never been that easy!

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2 What's So Magical About Rabbit Vibrators?

1.The shaft massages the G-spot imitating penetration

2.The bunny ticklers plays the clit

There are no cooler toys for women than rabbit vibrators. A revolutionary idea to mix G-spot and clitoral stimulation changed the world of ladies' pleasure forever, introducing the idea of a blended orgasm aka inner and outer combined. The clitoral attachment is typically shaped like a rabbit, hence the name, but there is a variety of animal-like shapes or others.

The main feature that remains unhinged is the dual spur. Rabbits are usually loaded with features, like packing two motors for each shaft, treating with multiple rows of rotating beads, imitating oral sensations, finger-like motions, and many other ace things.

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3 How Does A G-Spot Sex Toy Work?

  • Curved or bulbous tip targets the G-spot

Aiming to stimulate the sweet knot of sensitive nerve endings that lies 2-3 inches up the front wall of the vagina, these vibes have a softly curved tip that is typically quite bulbous. It provides a broad surface that massages the G-spot super effectively. Some even feature lush textures at the tip to make the stimulation even more splendid.

4 What's Special About P-spot Sex Toys?

1.Bulbous shaft presses against the P-spot

2.The ergonomic curve slides in effortlessly

3.Longer handle for ace control and perineum spur

Located 2-3 inches upwards the male bum, the prostate gland does not only stands guard and nourishes the sperm during ejaculation - but also hides a ginormous orgasmic potential. Dedicated P-spot toys, aka prostate massagers, are designed to be about 4 inches long and tapered to a soft curve.

These toys usually feature a nice handle or a base to ensure comfy controls or safety during play. Variety of textures, features and an awful lot of fun stuff is applied. Stimulating the P-spot brings non-ejaculatory, full body climaxes (“Super-Os”) as well as helps to keep the gland healthy.

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5 Is There A Unique Anal Plugs' Shape?

1.Diamond shape eases insertion and keeps the toy in

2.Flared base protects from slip-ins

Yes, there is. There is nothing more important than a proper shape to an anal toy because those naughty babes are the ones that can slip in and stay in, requiring a visit to the ER. To avoid becoming the butt of those nasty hospital anecdotes, always stick to anal sex toys that have a nice flat or t-shaped base, that will protect your bum from a toy sliding into it.

Anal plugs tend to have tapered ends to ensure effortless insertion - after all, anal sex is all about gradual stretching. The narrow necks on plugs provide a snug fit once it's in place because your outer sphincter will close around it, trapping it in for as long as you like. Check out our guide to long-term butt plug wear - a lot of cool info here.

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6 What Makes Anal Beads Stand Out?

  • Beads jazz up the sphincter when pulled out

Now that's the pearl I'm talking about. Anal beads are smooth interconnected spheres that graduate in size. Their purpose is to be gently inserted bead by bead and then pulled out on the verge of the climax. You wouldn't even believe by how much this little strand can boost your orgasm - fireworks guaranteed! This practice is known as "beading off" - you can read more on it here.

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7 How Are Masturbators Shaped?

  • Realistic texture upgrades the life-like sensation

Masturbators are basically an upgrade of the usual "beating of the meat" with the good ol' palm of your hand, but much more real, way more passionate and far more feature-loaded. The classic masturbator is a sleeve with custom openings - vagina, ass, mouth - and a delicious texture inside for you to slip in. They are easy to hold and to manipulate around the penis.

Some options, without the plastic shell, can be squeezed to achieve arousing tightness. Some are strikingly realistic, others less so, some have kickin' features like vibration, sucking imitation, hands-free designs, but whatever you pick, we can guarantee - it'll be better than your hand.

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8 Is There A Mystery In Cock Rings?

1.Attachment perks up couples' play

2.Stretchy base snugs around the shaft/balls

Want to pack a bigger penis and longer-lasting hard-on but want to do it in under a minute? That's why cock rings exist. It can be a simple circle of silicone, rubber, leather, etc., meant to hold blood in your erection longer, aggravating the blood flow, turning your cock into a thunder dick.

There are options with cool attachments to stimulate the prostate or perineum, there are even some that are superb for couples play - those feature a vibrating clit attachment for her or even a second shaft for a DP experience. Hooked on the idea of becoming a better lover? Hop on to our guide on sex stamina and nail every bedroom skill.

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