Upgrade your love play with this gorgeous vibrator for couples

Unity 2c-shape vibrator for couples

Unity 2

You had a fun date night, got tipsy, flirted, saw the latest blockbuster and even enjoyed passionate kissing in the movie theater. Now you are back home, all flushed and ready for more. Make your love play worth of Hollywood script with this powerful vibrator for couples. Just insert this tiny vibrator once you're ready for action and enjoy simultaneous stimulation for both of you leading to powerful release.

  • Get simultaneous G-spot and clitoral stimulation during penetration;

  • Enjoy 12 powerful modes conveniently adjusted with the remote control;

  • The tiny size, flexible construction works for any body type;

  • The vibrator is USB rechargeable.

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    Material safety
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    Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free
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    12 vibration patterns / Escalating / Pulsating / Vibrating
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    Remote control
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    Aaa-1 / Rechargeable / USB
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Product Details

C-shape vibrator for couples - Unity 2 - view #1 C-shape vibrator for couples - Unity 2 - view #2 C-shape vibrator for couples - Unity 2 - view #3 C-shape vibrator for couples - Unity 2 - view #4 C-shape vibrator for couples - Unity 2 - view #5
  • Material / Texture:

    This is made of silicone. As you know toys made or coated with silicone are the safest. There's virtually no smell to this. You have to sniff really hard to detect anything.

    There are 2 ends/fingers to the Unity 2, one bigger than the other. Both have raised textured ridges on them. The ridges would be like the fingerprints on one's thumb or finger but thick and raised. You'll be able to see the ridges in some of the pictures.

    Although there are ridges, they will only rest on your spots. They will not be moving and cause any discomfort. Nobody, even beginners, should have any issues with this.

    flexible, Improved texture
    There are raised ridges on both ends. Unity is flexible in the middle.

    Material safety
    Safety features:
    Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free
  • Design / Shape / Size:

    The Unity 2 is shaped like the letter C. Both ends are shaped and sized like fingers. They contain vibrating bullets. The larger end houses the rechargeable battery. The smaller end has much more power of the two. Because of that, I prefer the smaller end on the outside on my clitoris. Also, the size is perfect for nesting in between the labia's. It's like a parking area for the smaller finger dancing/bullet.

    Bullet Clit Vibes Targets the Spot!

    Here are some small vibes that are great for targeting the clitoris. All are small in design and have multiple patterns. This is for size comparisons: U2, Tango, Caltronics

    There is an earlier version of this named the Unity. This one is named #2 because it comes with a remote, has different texture designs and fewer patterns. Well worth the additional $30.00. The original one you had to press the button on the bigger end to change patterns. With the remote, it's much easier to change patterns. And you can allow your partner to do so if you like. The Unity Two is slightly larger also. It most likely has a larger battery, therefore, more powerful.
    About the size of fingers
    Shaped and about the same size as his fingers

    Unity 2 slightly bigger than original
    Original is in Fuchsia color, Unity 2 in black. Unity 2 is slightly bigger.

    The remote is ergonomic and easy to use. Each depression makes a clicking sound.

    Remote fits comfortably in palm of hand
    The remote fits in the palm. The clicks are very distinct. Easy to use in the dark or in your pocket.

    This toy is small enough to bring anywhere. A small mesh bag came with it. Unity 2 can easily fit in pocket, purchase or luggage. It also cannot be powered on accidentally. One has to hold the power button down with some pressure.

    3 3/4"
    1" / 3/4"
  • Functions / Performance / Controls:

    I hope you watched the video to see how this works. If you did, just skip reading this section.

    It's not complicated at all. Just remember the Unity must be powered on first. Mine came already charged.
    Power on by holding down the button on the large end until a red flashing light appears. Mine took about 5 seconds to come on.

    Once flashing you can activate it by pressing again. It will start on setting #1. Low steady vibrations. Next will be medium, then high, then #4 starts the different variations of patterns. To turn off, hold down the button for 5 seconds. When you restart it (even by the remote), it will resume at the pattern you left off at.

    Once powered on you can use the remote to change the patterns. However, you can't turn the U2 on unless you power it separately.

    This comes with a USB charger. The plug goes in the large end and will light up a solid red. When fully charged the light will go off.

    charge light on

    This is totally waterproof. I used it in the tub but had to remove it when it got too warm.

    12 vibration patterns / Escalating / Pulsating / Vibrating
    Special Features:
    • Gifts
    • Premium
    Control type:
    Remote control
    Powered By:
    Aaa-1 / Rechargeable / USB
  • Care and Maintenance:

    The Unity vibe itself is silicone and can be cleaned with soap and warm water or the Edenfantasys' toy cleaner.
    The remote is made of plastic and is not waterproof. Whereas the U vibe is rechargeable, the remote requires an AAA battery.

    Remote only requires ONE AAA battery

    I don't need any lube with this. If you do, be sure it is water-based, not silicone-based. Otherwise, you may ruin your $95.00 toy.

    Care and cleaning:
    Toy cleaner
  • Packaging:

    The packaging on this was very elegant. Easy to wrap and gift to someone. The box even had a foam bed for storing both units. Instructions were also included. I included a pic of them in case you lose yours.

    box with foam bed, gd for storage

    Nice foam bed for storage

    Simple, easy to read. Includes information on how to clean.

  • Personal comments:

    There are no any instructions as to which end goes in where. My thoughts are they are interchangeable. If the small end is too intense for your clit, use it inside instead. Also when your man is inside and too cramp, use the smaller end inside. If he's on the smaller size, you can use the large one inside.

    Another way I suppose this can be used is out in public. One can wear it and use the remote to turn off or change the patterns. And of course, your partner can be the one controlling it. I've worn U 2 while out for walks but too chicken to let him hold the remote. I doubt if he would turn it off if we stopped to talk to someone. It's not loud, but would be very embarrassing if we were caught.

    He mentioned I could also put the smaller end in my anus and the larger in my vaginal. Not being a big fan of anal, I have not tried that yet.

    I suppose women with strapons can use utilize this too.

  • Experience:

    I like this for foreplay and relaxing. The vibrations on U 2 are much stronger than the original. I did find it heated up unlike the original. I could leave the original in for an hour and even fall asleep with it inside. I could only use the U2 for about 30 mins. It got warm and accompanied by my own hotness gets uncomfortable.

    We did use it as a couple's toy also. We found the spoon position to be the easiest. This way I could hold U2 in while he trusted. He did have to apply lubricant on himself though. The feeling was not uncomfortable but a little strange. All I could really feel was the vibe buzzing away, and him being in there only made me feel fuller.

    He, on the other hand, said it was uncomfortable. And a tight squeeze. "To get it over with" he pumped and pumped very fast. He came much quicker than usual, and his semen seemed to be endless. After the climax, he stayed parked inside me to enjoy the vibrations.

    All in all, it was an okay experience. He enjoyed it more than me. And it was very messy when he pulled out.
    We did use it again the following weekend. The only thing different was he came even quicker.

    Bottom line: I prefer to just use this solo.

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