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Queer Union and NYBC Protest Blood Donor Ban

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New York group says it's safe for gays to give blood.


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Contributor: Jeff Schult

You know -- if we have proof that there is no additional risk -- by all means. Review the policy in light of new evidence and statistics.

But gays and partners are not the only folks who cannot donate. In fact, there are a LOT of rules about donating. You shouldn't even give blood if you have a cold. This is a public health issue, not a political one. There is no "right to give blood" for *anyone.* Nor should there be, in my opinion.

Contributor: kitsuneyouko5

I donated blood about a year ago (didn't help me get over my needle issues, all it did was make me really hungry for about 2 days), and one of the things I was asked was if I'd ever been to Amsterdam. Apparently even if you've just transferred flights there you are forever barred from donating blood. Also they ask if you've ever had certain types of tattoo done. Even if it was completely sterile if you've had tap needle (tribal style tattooing) done you can't donate blood. If you've had a tattoo done at a shop anytime within a year prior to going to donate you can't donate. As stated in the article they draw several tubes for testing anyways. No-one should be barred from donating unless they are under the weight requirement or are sick. If the blood tested shows a problem then the donater should be notified. Banning someone just because of their sexual preference is idiotic and is killing the already low supply of blood for emergencies.

Contributor: Matoira

Unless it will negatively impact the person donating's health, then I don't think anyone should be banned.

Every person who donates signs a release form stating that they give the group they are donating to the right to screen their blood for any-and-everything, from HIV on.

And considering that heterosexual females are the most likely carriers for HIV these days? I cry shenanigans.

But let's be honest, just like gay marriage, same-sex partners being denied insurance coverage, lack of hate-crime legislation, you name it, it's just another way that gay folks are discriminated against and marginalized.