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Stuck in the Friend Zone
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The idea of the "friend zone", at least the way many men use it, is one of the most subtly misogynistic relationship concepts we have. Here's why.


great article!


It is a well-written, logical, and reasonable article. That being said, this article offers no advice on how to get out of the Friendzone. It does not really address the central issue regarding the stereotype of why: Nice guys finish last, and bad boys wind up with the girls. The premise of this article is that people are always with exactly who they should be.

Nice guys don't know how to flirt, and bad boys do. This is a skill that can be studied, practiced, and acquired. You can absolutely get unstuck from the Friendzone.

There is also a tension in the nice guy... never give out your heart to someone who won't return that love. Uncomfortableness leads to growth, though. And vulnerability is the key to connection. You can certainly train a nice guy how to be more flirty, and how to flirt the right way. You can't turn a bad boy into a nice guy.


Woah, slow down darling! You can't see the forest from the trees!

The dreaded "friend zone" isn't exclusive to only men. Women can get "friend zoned" too. This means it isn't a gender issue based on bad guys, nice guys, and good guys, which makes your argument completely invalid due to losing its crutch.

This is an issue of intelligence. There are smart people, and then there are stupid people. The stupid people tend to seek instant gratification and get frustrated when denied. After all, thinking is extremely difficult and is hard work. Due to their overinflated ego radiating a sense of self entitlement, they proceed to make excuses and blame the individual that denied them gratification. This is where "nice guys" blame women and perceive them as sluts for pursuing "bad boys", and where "logical women" blame men and perceive them as pigs for being "sex addicts".

Both are crackheads looking for their next high. Ninety percent of sex is mental, which you could be the most fugly person in the world and get laid by some of the most smoking hot people in the world. Attraction works the exact same way as to how fake psychics do cold readings and convince their customers they truly are psychic. The imagination is an incredibly powerful thing.

A man or woman can get out of the friend-zone, but it is more difficult than staying out of the friend-zone from the very beginning. How do you stay out of the friend-zone from the very beginning? Well, you know the saying "a first impression is everything"? It is one hundred percent true!

The first time you meet a man or women you might be interested in (the very first time!) you have sixty seconds to make a first impression. Briefly socialize, introduce yourself, get her name, shake her hand, give her your number for coffee or something sometime. This is guaranteed to keep you out of the friend-zone. One key part is physical contact via the handshake. This is biological psychology, which a feel-good chemical is released due to skin contact. What does that mean? The feel-good chemical is addictive and her brain is subconsciously associating you with that chemical. The only way she can continue receiving it is through continued intimacy.

Before you say I don't know what I'm talking about, I do know what I'm talking about. I write and mail (not e-mail!) love poems etc.. I put spray cologne on it with a specific signature and style. This way I stand out, am romantic, and she has something of sentimental value that she has access to whenever I'm not around in order to revitalize her imagination or connection she feels towards me.

This is how true seduction works. Real seducers do not get into your bed via infatuation. They get into your heart and mind by you literally falling in love with them and was utilized as an easy way for the lower class to transition into the upper class i.e. acquisition of wealth. See any modern day dirt poor seducers bag a rich person? No. The reason is because the modern ones are charlatans, fakes who rely solely on good looks, never having to actually use their brains. Society has been too dumbed down.

Most of the greatest seducers ever such as Cleopatra, Casanova, etc. were average looking individuals. The real seducer is one's own imagination; that ninety percent.



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