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Our Young Teen Girls. How Young Is Too Young?
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Girls today are going through puberty so early. When do you start talking to them about grooming? What grooming is okay at that age?


Contributor: hmb12

I remember using tampons when I was 13, the first time I started my period. And I shaved my bikini area when I was 12 because I have A LOT of hair naturally and its embarrassing in the summer months of wearing bikinis. As for the pill I had to talk to my mom and the doctor before we decided that at 14, taking the pill was my best bet for controlling my heavy flow. I don't know if I would have asked at all if it weren't for my period.

Contributor: Sunny Meadows

See and so many are scared to talk about it. My mom thought I was a slut for asking. Girls need to know that girls may be on them for other reason then sex. But I had a friend put her 14 year old on pills just to be sure? Even though her daugther said she had no interest.

Contributor: *Camoprincess*

I was shaving at about 11 or 12 because my knees were super hairy an that was the main part on my body that stuck out. My bikini area I never mentioned to my mom about trimming it up I just did it and I started fully shaving it bald when I was about 15 or 16 simply because I had heavy periods. An either way having surgery for female issues at such a young age (16) they shaved me so who cares I started doing it myself before that. As for the pill I was also on them at 16 but for medical reasoning but my mom educated me about them long before that. We also had pretty detailed sex education from the 4th grade on throughout my high school years.



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