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Love Your Body! Out Of The Image Box!
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I never had anyone tell me I was pretty growing up. I never had any support from my family. My body self image was horrible. I hated myself so badly that I have no pictures. I didn't look in a mirror. I believed that no one could love me or even look at me.


Oh wow thanks for sharing your story I myself have issues loving myself and accepting what I see in the mirror and in pictures. I can't believe your mother did that to you and at 16 so sad! I am glad though that you are on the road to loving yourself


This is an awesome article and a great reminder that people shouldn't be so harsh on themselves or anyone else.


Thanks for this post, sometimes it's hard to find kindred spirits who've had these types of experiences.


Thanks for the great article. I am learning to love my body as it is, changing things I can (such as weight) for myself and for my health rather than for other people. Thank you for reminding me to love myself first, change myself second. xoxox


Your all very welcome



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