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Define This: The Frenulum Delta
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Finding the sweet spot that is a penis' neatest secret.


Contributor: Freddie

Mine was removed when I was mutil.. I mean circumcised.

Contributor: Kizz

Oh wow! I'm glad I came across this article! I have an uncut boyfriend (from Europe) and after seeing this, I think you're totally right. His frenulum is sooooooo freakin sensitive, and when it's given some direct stimulation along with some classic, ahem, shaft work, his orgasms are through the roof intense! I haven't really tried stimulating it just by itself to make him cum as I didn't realize it was actually the male hot button before, but now that I do, I'll try it.

Contributor: KrazyKatGuy

Um, I hate to break this to you, but *every* guy who hasn't had his frenulum destroyed/altered by being circumsized knows exactly where it is and exactly how good it feels.

He may not know the name, or the underlying anatomy (I didn't know it split into 3 branches), but we certainly know where that sweet spot is. Hell, I found mine years before I even hit puberty! Which is the reason I had friction burns on my johnson when I was 8. True story.

This is also why guys give better head than (most) women (sorry, it's true). When I was younger I always had to point out that spot to the ladies. Never ever had to explain it to a guy. That's the first spot they concentrate on



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