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Define This: Oral Compulsion
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Oral Compulsion is defined as the habitual insertion of foreign objects into the mouth for reasons other than feeding. Thumbs, toys, fingernails...and yes, other things as well. But let's look at the wider picture first, and if you ever bit the head off your Ken doll, then you'll probably know what I mean.

  Sex and the Oral Obsessive

But oral compulsions are one of the few that I believe do have a grounding in reality, if only because there is a range of marked, common and universal “symptoms” (which is not a word I use comfortably, by the way). And because a few of them, namely the danger of choking and the orthodontic damage, can have effects that spread beyond the compulsion itself.

Excessive snacking (another sign) has its drawbacks of course, and I guess there’s always the danger of putting something in your mouth that by its own nature can lead to complications; back in the days when toy soldiers were made of lead, poisoning was common among children who would habitually pop the little guy in for a nibble.

It can also color your reputation during those early years of sexual discovery. But I want to save that thought for a future article.

Okay, we will pause for a moment there; I want you to do something. Hop over to a search engine and type in “oral compulsion," bearing in mind that we are discussing a known and recognized medical (or at least psychological) condition.

What do you get? A bunch of humorous videos. A couple of pages of jokes. And, sneaking in completely under the radar (assuming you don’t have any filters set), porn. Or at least sexual content. “My girl has an oral compulsion - she won’t stop sucking my dick.” I leafed through three pages of hits and found just one article that actually referenced the subject as anything more than the butt of a joke or the source of a fantasy, and even it wandered off into some horrifying discussion of Klüver-Bucy syndrome, a disease first isolated in monkeys which compelled them to explore their surroundings orally. Which, in humans, can be a side effect of herpes simplex.

Very interesting, but...not helpful!

I have never found any evidence whatsoever to link a love of oral sex to an oral compulsion...beyond the aforementioned web hits, that is. As I remarked in an earlier article, anecdotal evidence has suggested that smokers are more likely to enjoy performing fellatio than non-smokers. But that proves nothing, and is in any case dismissed by the fact that plenty of non-smokers enjoy it as well.

Do those non-smokers (and those smokers, for that matter) exhibit other signs of oral compulsion, though? That is a question that I have never been asked, never seen answered, and never found broached in any survey. Even in my own case, as my teenaged fantasies drifted from biting his fingers to sucking his cock, I would never have considered that a part of any compulsion that I may or may not have, simply because my motives were, and are, completely different.

When I chew a pen, as I said before, it is to help me concentrate on something else. When I go down on my boyfriend, that is the only thing I’m concentrating on, and I have never once thrown his cock across the room with a triumphant cry of “got it,” then typed fever pitch for the next twenty minutes, without even breaking to bite my lip.

Likewise, I smoke because I enjoy it (and yes, because I’m addicted to a filthy habit that will probably kill me in the end), and while it is an aid to concentration, it is also a way of relaxing. I tend not to smoke in the house, because I don’t want my cats developing bad habits, and stepping outside for a puff gives me a chance to clear my head.

And I blow my boyfriend whenever I can, because we’re in love and we love it.

Taken together, all three do have the mouth in common, and that’s all. One is a habit, one is an addiction and one is just something I really enjoy. But do the habit, the addiction and the enjoyment have a common root? Could I replace chewing a pen with twirling it in my fingers; give up smoking and take up yoga instead; reduce the blowjobs down to passing foreplay, and get into anal instead?

My head says yes, if I put my mind to it. But it also asks why I would bother. Maybe I have an oral compulsion and maybe I don’t. But beyond the frankly disturbing possibility that I am now a psychological statistic to be tabulated by whichever marketing department decides to market a “cure” for my “disorder,” what difference does it really make?

“My name’s Jenny and I’m an oral compulsive. Now shut up and pass me that Barbie.”


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