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Why Would You Want To Do That?
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There are a lot of surveys out there asking for our thoughts and feelings about giving head. But what sort of answers do our interrogators expect?

  Nice Girls Might

Nice girls don’t open their mouths as wide as they can go, then suck and slobber on their boyfriend’s pee-pee. Nice girls don’t eye up the bulge in a cute stranger’s pants, and wonder whether their jaw could handle it. Nice girls don’t get wet between the legs, as they coat a cock in saliva. Nice girls don’t spit and they certainly don’t swallow. And nice guys tend not to ask them to.

Which brings me, finally, to the survey I was searching for when I started this article, which turns that argument around on its head and insists that actually, nice girls do all those things and more. A 1993 French report, “Sexual Behavior In France” by A. Spira and N. Bajos, that declared the majority of women who willingly give head, tend to be educated, smart, and well-to-do.

Which is separate to another report, from around the same time (and which I can only find anecdotal reference to), which claimed that two out of three women perform oral on a regular basis, out of a sense of obligation, and that only one-third of us do it because it’s fun.

I’m not an expert on demographics - I really cannot say whether or not those two sets of statistics contradict one another or not. But somehow, I’m having trouble believing either one; the notion that “smart girls like sucking cock” immediately prejudices every college graduate who doesn’t, not to mention every high school drop-out who does. And the idea that two-thirds of women do it out of a sense of obligation will probably be laughed out of the room by any guy who has ever tried to convince his girl to do something she doesn’t want to. If he can’t even persuade her to go to the auto show with him, what hope does he have of cumming in her mouth?

But I do wonder whether there is a “certain type” who favors giving head more? And, if so, what is it?

A woman who is in tune with her own body’s requirements? There is growing scientific evidence, to match several millennium of folk belief, that both male sperm and the pre-cum that precedes it, contain natural ingredients that aren’t simply healthy, they can also help combat various physical and psychological ills.

A woman who knows what she wants and gets it? Vague, but worth considering. It would certainly make an interesting question for, say, certain politicians.

Another dim remembrance from past readings - smokers are more likely to enjoy fellatio than non-smokers. Something to do with oral fixations. True or false? And where does that leave us in an age when smoking itself is falling ever faster from fashion? Or, to turn it around, where did that leave us in the centuries before cigarettes were invented?

Other theories abound - some are distasteful, some are laughable; all have been voiced seriously by researchers and commentators over the years. “The fulfillment of a certain kind of rape/violation fantasy." “The natural feminine instinct to submit." Or, delightfully contradictorily, “a rebellion against the accepted standards of femininity." I’m putting these in inverted commas because I can’t reach the trashcan from here, and there are plenty more where they came from.

So many theories, so many attempts to answer the question. But you know what? I’m beginning to think it might simply be one of those great unanswerable conundrums, along the lines of “how heavy is a box of books?” or “how long is a piece of string?” Offhand, still sipping only my second coffee of the day, while contemplating my third cigarette, I can think of half a dozen reasons why I love sucking cock, not one of which has anything to do with education, status, wellfullness, rebellion, self-disgust or even the fact that I still chew pens and pencils, even when I’m working at my laptop.

I like the mechanics. I like the motion. I like the moaning (his and mine). I like the musk. And I like the mess. But most of all, I like the mystique.

How about you?


Contributor: Trysexual

Very enjoyable read.

Contributor: LilVBWifey

My husband wishes I loved it...but I have a huge gag reflex and get the feeling I am gonna choke and die from giving head! I wish I could find a way to get over this feeling, any suggestions?

Contributor: Jenny Swallows

The quick answer is - don't try and eat it all at once! You can have just as much fun with your lips, tongue and teeth as you can from trying to jam the whole thing in, and he'll probably thank you more afterwards. Some mouths just aren't built for it (and some men would still be too big if they were). So just relax and nibble round the edges... and the more you relax, well you may be surprised. Good luck!

Contributor: Loren2012

Great read



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