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Define This - That Marvelous Moment Right before He Cums
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It doesn't have a name and it doesn't last long. But there's that sudden moment where you know it's going to happen - and paying attention can make you feel great!


Contributor: spiced

I LOVE this article.

You describe that moment so well. I wonder if the Japanese have a word for it?

Thinking about it really makes me miss giving head to my best friend. I like performing oral on dildos, but this moment (among many others) is sadly missing.

Another moment I love about giving blowjobs is that moment right before your lips touch the cock for the first time. Delicious anticipation!

Contributor: Jenny Swallows

it's that first sip of a killer margarita!

Contributor: ice swallow
ice swallow  

Could it fractional bliss? That fraction of a second before you feel the bliss of his orgasm.

Contributor: C. Buster-Brown
C. Buster-Brown  

I'm sorry if it's corny, but I vote Pree Jacks for the group name, in homage to the cult classic movie Free Jacks, and it won't mean anything like what it looks. Plus, if I may, usually during that split second there is or are words grumbled and garbled that, in English seem to be, "Immanna," with or without ever finishing the obvious end word, because, let's face it, when your in that much bliss, the brain can go ahead and shut down higher functions. (As if we don't know the word, it's what we have been waiting for, that moment when they are having sex with you with their ENTIRE body, not just the necessary parts, and IT IS AWESOME. And you, if your lucky, get to feel some of what they feel, as they grab you like a $2 whore and nothing could mke you feel more like a goddess. If you take out the extra letters you get - Imuna- not a bad sounding word really. That's my pitch.



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