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Define This: In Praise of Pre-Cum
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Yeah, that clear, sticky stuff that slimes up the sheets when you're messing around. But there's a lot more to it than that.


Contributor: Trysexual

Good article. The amount varies greatly from guy to guy for sure and not all guys do it all the time (if at all). And not every time even. It is very true that the longer you are turned-on, teased and anticipating sex..the more you produce and the shorter you will last.

Contributor: SaucyxGirl

Excellent article. Until now I never really noticed that no one really wrote about pre-cum and I am very glad that you did. I gotta say this is nothing sexier that a man that is dripping.
I have met girls who have stated that they hate the feel of it on their hand during a hand job yet they don't mind actual cum which makes me just shake my head.

Contributor: dooboige

I guess men must vary a lot in this regard. Me, I produce precum even without an erection. The merest sexual thought will get the stuff flowing in buckets. I can just be sitting around talking with someone about mildly sexual stuff, and the next thing I know my underwear are just soaked. It gets so heavy sometimes it soaks through my pants. Not so bad if I'm wearing a dark color, but if I've got light brown pants on it looks like I peed myself.
It's all good, though, in some way. The girl in me (I'm a gender queer) likes the idea that she "gets wet". ;-)



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