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Mysteries of the Male Ejaculate: A Matter of Taste

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There is so much that goes unasked and unspoken between a man and woman. Since orgasms really begin and end in the mind and so much of sex is psychological, understanding each other's sexual needs, wants, fantasies and expectations can be a wonderful turn-on, and create a deeply passionate connection.


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Contributor: LusciousLollypop

I really enjoyed reading your article. Cum matters! Personally, I like a guy that cums massive amounts. I like facials and swallowing and all of that. It has to taste good. Only a milky color is good. My partner.. I get horny just thinking about tasting his cum. Fetish? Who knows. I guess I could say that I like some jizz in my diet. xoxo

Contributor: naturegirl

Wonderful article! As a woman who is not THAT keen on swallowing (ok, on special occasions I do!), I still have to admit that I am fascinated by semen. I love the silky feel of it when it is really fresh, the way it feels between my fingers (or in my girly bits), the smell of it, the consistency. An interesting fact: my husband had a vasectomy 20 years ago and his semen is much more liquid. When we first got together it was the usual thick consistency, but since his snip, it has been way more runny!
As for the swallowing thing, I have to admit I am a hypocrite! He has no problem when I ejaculate in his mouth, so I feel I should be able to reciprocate, but swallowing the stuff always makes me think of swallowing phlegm!

Contributor: XxFallenAngelxX

Great article!

Contributor: RobbieLuv1

Might read more by this author.

Contributor: averageguyextrodinarypleasure

Very interesting but I'm really curious about the taste part and if that can change? My wife says that mine tastes sour and I've always felt like I don't drink as much water as I should and I have meat pretty much everyday. Has anyone else experienced similar things when it comes to taste and even being able to alter it?

Contributor: Bbcakes85

Nice article.



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