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I Eat, Therefore, I Am…

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Most of us have some kind of issues involving food and many are forever trying to lose weight thinking it will help achieve sexiness, so there’s probably nothing more socially subversive you could do in America in 2010 than to gain weight on purpose.


Contributor: juicyjuicy1959

This is a great piece. Or at least it starts that way.

But why on earth would you look to a psychologist for understanding us? Especially one with NO expertise or experience at all with our community?

There have been real conversations on at least one site I know of about Domme feedees and sub feeders. The whole squashing fetish is certainly an expression of this. And then there are women who have fantasies about feeding men, and men who want to be fed. Not to mention LGBT feeding relationships, and mutual gainers.

If you really want to report on us, maybe some more time reading stories and forums would help? I'm delighted to see you're going to talk to a feeder, but a Dom? or a sub? or a woman? or a gay man? or...?

I'm always grateful for any serious engagement with our community. I'm inviting you, Liz Langley and edenfantasys, to get to know us a bit better and write a piece that really represents the wild breadth of who we are.