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The Appetites Project: Fine Young Cannibals ... A Hunger for Flesh

Meghan Vaughan/
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The human appetite is a curious thing. For those with a fetish for cannibalism, the term, "Eat me," carries heady connotations. Keeping in the holiday spirit, as part of the Appetites Project, we offer up a very different kind of Thanksgiving feast. Bon(e) Appetit!

  Girl On the Menu

Some girls, Mr. Muki notes, imagine being the entrée.

“He’s really fun, and a total professional,” says artist Meghan Vaughan, who has been roasted, boiled and otherwise cooked five times in Mr. Muki’s Kitchen. “That’s why I’ve been back so many times.”

Vaughan has her own cannibal fantasy in life and art.

Her comic books and fine art depict voluptuous women as both the cooks and the main course, with a humor and lushness that give some of them almost an R. Crumb quality of supersexuality. “The artwork isn’t just busy work,” she says, laughing, “it’s my sex life.”

Vaughan concedes it’s sometimes difficult to explain to people that yes, this is what she likes. Kissing and cuddling aren’t as much on her menu as the build-up of food fantasy—creating her artwork is foreplay for her. Then there are the props, the trussing, the oiling up (her favorite position is hog-tied). Her description sounds almost Tantric in its patient, slow-burning use of sexual energy.

“A lot of what I do is be still, not in a necrophiliac way, but in a passed-out way.” While she admits a lot of guys are put off by a woman not moving, some are very much into it.

For some, the fantasy goes into the woman-cum-dinner being “dispatched … killed,” she says, but not for her. “Mine is more about being on a table, and slowly building up to a certain point. Now you’re finished, now it’s time for sex…now that you’ve been oiled and you have all the accoutrements and have been poked with a fork…Other people kiss and grope. That’s my foreplay. Kissing and groping is very … ugh! I don’t do that!” she says.

Vaughn has been happily coupled with her boyfriend of three years. Since they met via her artwork, he knew what she was all about. As for the stigma of cannibalism, Meghan says she gets away with a lot more because she’s a girl.

“A guy isn’t going to run out of the room freaked out because I say I like cannibal stuff, but if you’re on a first date with a guy and he says he’s into that there’s not going to be a second one.”

The fetish isn’t just women who fantasize about being entrees or whom people fantasize about eating. “Remember that there are two positions to this fantasy: entree and chef. Lots of people see themselves as the entrée—including men. We also have quite a number of female customers, and at least two of our models contacted us because it was their fantasy to be the main course of a cannibal feast. The gender of the eaten is definitely important to the person who has the fantasy.”

Painting by Meghan Vaughan

There was a Mrs. Muki’s Bistro on Muki’s website for some time where men were the main course. “But it didn’t generate enough business to make continuing worthwhile,” Mr. Muki admits.

And just in case you were wondering, there really is a Mrs. Muki. In fact, the couple has just celebrated their 25th anniversary. They met in high school, but didn’t actually get together until after college and started living together. “Very shortly after that, I came clean and told her about my little kink,” Mr. Muki says. “She was the very first person I ever discussed it with. She found it amusing and later said that it certainly answered a lot of questions for her! You see, I really, really like oral sex—and I mean giving even more than receiving. She completely understands where that comes from now.”

Now that’s what we call a Thanksgiving feast! Painting by Meghan Vaughan

So, are cannibal fantasists better at oral sex?

“That could be,” Mr. Muki says, laughing, “but we have no references for comparison. We heard that some cannibal tribes take heads, but we’ve never heard of cannibals who give head!”

Vaughn is less equivocal. “Yes,” she says, “they’re very into oral sex—which is fine with me because it’s something you don’t have to move around a lot for.

(All photos used by permission: Muki's Kitchen.)


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Contributor: agatha

Awesome article! Being a part of this community, I have to say that this is spot on. And Megh looks and draws deliciously!

Contributor: agatha

oh ...and the Muki's are the nicest people. Mr. Muki is a very proffesional and talented photographer. I've worked with more 'mainstream' photographers who could do with a lesson or two from Mr. Muki

Contributor: kristines

As a huge fan of Muki-ville -- I say Great article! I give it a ZAGAT's rating *****

Contributor: Shellz31

Awesome pictures.

Contributor: Illusional

I'd love a chance to work with Mr. Muki, it looks so kickass.

Contributor: Sangsara

wow so totally not expected