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Steak: A Guide for the Carnal Carnivore

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Steak is a no-brainer. We all know of it as a decadent food, but how do you make a truly sexy steak? And if your honey is vegetarian, what then? Let’s talk about meat, baby. What’s on your plate (veggie or otherwise) can make a difference to what happens in your bed!

  No Meat? No Problem!

Believe it or not, Portobello mushrooms are the steak of the vegetable world. Their meaty heft and flavor make them an easy substitute. Portobellos take up sexy grill marks nicely, and if you happen to serve a mixture of veggie-eaters and carnivores, you can use the same marinades and gravies (provided that they’re not meat-based themselves, of course) on meats and mushrooms alike.

Just be aware that Portobellos aren’t as filling as steak, and so you may want to opt for a heftier side dish to make sure your sweetie has the fuel to last the night.

Veggie-friendly appetizers are another great option, particularly if they’re finger food or easily fed to one another—think marinated veggies on toothpicks or mini phyllo pastry cups baked with cheese inside.

  From The Plate To The Pillow

Be sure to give yourself and your dining companion(s) enough time to digest a little before you hit the mattress. A light dessert of fruits and sweet cream can give you the time to settle your stomach even as you engage in a little oral foreplay. An after-dinner drink (alcoholic or not) mixed with a little dirty talk can ease your way from the table to the bed, too.

In the end, a sexy steak dinner is sexy because you think of it that way. Treat the meal planning, the cooking, the presentation on the plate, and the eating itself as a form of culinary foreplay.

Learn what you need to know about cooking steak the same way you’d pick up an extra sexy technique or two to wow your lover. Think of food as sex for your mouth, and you’ll start to understand why steak remains in the realm of the carnal after all this time.

Filet Mignon. Mmm, juicy!



I make steak all the time for my guy, and there's nothing more satisfying than watching him drag a finger through the last bits of pan sauce and cleaning his plate!


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