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Lust. Hunger. Thirst.  
More than just basic human needs designed to perpetuate the species, these complex motivations can lead us to the edge of obsession or euphoria, fulfillment or torment, despair or ecstasy. Without satisfaction, these desires can consume our lives. SexIs takes a closer look at the intersection between food and sex. What makes us lust for food? What foods increase our hunger for sex? In what ways do we creatively and compulsively feed our appetites? It’s food for thought.

  • Food and Sex: Sexy, Yummy, Edible Stuff

    Food? In the bedroom? Really? Really. PuddlePuppy's here to tell you all about it.

  • The Sensual Seduction of Summer Fruit

    Too warm to indulge in steak and chocolate lava brownies on your date? Not to worry — this time of year, fresh, ripe, succulent fruit abounds, and it can be every bit as sensuous.

  • The Appetites Project: Planning A Diabetic Menu For Romance

    When our society thinks of sexy treats, we usually think of truffles, whipped cream, chocolate fondue, dessert wines...all things that can be extremely unfriendly to diabetic partners. As with any other dietary restriction, perfectly wonderful romantic nibbles can be procured with a little thoughtfulness, common sense, and communication.

  • The Appetites Project: Tea

    It might not seem obvious, but tea can be intensely sexy. If you're looking for a warm, sumptuous drink to share with your partner(s), there are teas that will knock your socks off. Some teas are great options for caffeine-sensitive sweeties or sober partners. Whether you're looking for a pick-me-up or a calm-you-down, there is a tea that can improve your evening (or morning) of carnal delights.

  • The Appetites Project: Bananas

    The humble banana has been the butt of many sexual jokes, but who says sex—or the meal in advance of it—has to be serious? Or that bananas can’t be classy? Bananas really can shine in the starring role of your date-night nibbles, no matter what mood you prefer. (It’ll even work if your date is with your hand or your Hitachi.)

  • Sex and Pomegranates 101

    Pomegranates: They’re sexy, they’re mysterious, and they’re completely impenetrable to pomegranate virgins. How the hell do you eat them, and are they worth the work? If you’re a sensual foodie, absolutely!

  • Chocolate, Chocolate Everywhere

  • The Appetites Project: Fine Young Cannibals ... A Hunger for Flesh

    The human appetite is a curious thing. For those with a fetish for cannibalism, the term, "Eat me," carries heady connotations. Keeping in the holiday spirit, as part of the Appetites Project, we offer up a very different kind of Thanksgiving feast. Bon(e) Appetit!

  • Steak: A Guide for the Carnal Carnivore

    Steak is a no-brainer. We all know of it as a decadent food, but how do you make a truly sexy steak? And if your honey is vegetarian, what then? Let’s talk about meat, baby. What’s on your plate (veggie or otherwise) can make a difference to what happens in your bed!

  • A Brief History of Aphrodisiac Cookbooks

  • The Appetites Project: What to Serve For Dinner When Sex is on the Menu

    What’s fueling your next naughty romp? If you’ve ever tried to get down with an empty stomach or felt frisky after a heavy meal, you know that the state of your stomach has a lot to do with the success of your sex. How do you make sure that you have enough fuel for a night of mattress marathons without getting sidelined by the need to digest?

  • Gluttony Meets Lust, Part Two: An Interview with Molly Ren

    In the first installment of this interview, we met up with Molly Ren, who has a very special relationship with food as it relates to sex. While many foods are known to function as aphrodisiacs, for Ren and others who share this fetish, it is the act of eating and feeding, rather than the food itself, that leads to the ultimate gratification.

  • Gluttony Meets Lust, Part One: An Interview with Molly Ren

    Last week, we launched The Appetites Project with Liz Langley's feature, “I Eat, Therefore, I Am.” In this installment of the SexIs feederism series, The Beautiful Kind talks one-on-one with a practitioner of the fetish, Molly Ren.

  • I Eat, Therefore, I Am…

    Most of us have some kind of issues involving food and many are forever trying to lose weight thinking it will help achieve sexiness, so there’s probably nothing more socially subversive you could do in America in 2010 than to gain weight on purpose.