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We asked our writers and community what is sexy to them. As you can imagine, the responses were diverse. From losing weight, to wearing sexy lingerie, to going out dancing with a partner, the possibilities are endless. So tell us. What’s sexy to you?

  • What Makes A Girl Feel Sexy? (“?” Being the Operative Punctuation)

    The sofa was pleather. And so were the girls.

  • Feeding the Goddess Within

    Guess what! We found a number of articles from our month of Sexy YOUs that never made it to our pages. We figured since you guys enjoyed this topic so much, we’d go ahead and share. First up, GoddessEden tells us how she keeps her goddess from starving.

  • My name is Kat, and I’m bisexual.

    I don’t know what changed, but in 2005, I decided that even if I couldn’t come out to my family, I had to come out to someone. I had to try it out. I had to say the words, at least.

  • Sexy Me on My Terms

    None of that is what makes me feel sexy. Yes, I love sexy lingerie, and relaxing, but that’s not what makes me feel at my sexiest. The number one thing that makes me feel the sexiest is when I am with my friends having a good time.

  • Sexy in an Everyday Sort of Way

    We all have our preconceived notions of what sexy is like. Quick, when you think of sexy, what comes into your mind? Is it a candlelight dinner, bubble bath, lingerie, roses, or maybe satin sheets?

  • Just what does make a “Sexy YOU”?

    There are some things that are sexy that have nothing to do with sex. The sight of a man tenderly holding his baby is sexy, don’t you think? How about a woman mechanic working on your car? I think a lot of people find intelligence sexy. The librarian wearing glasses, with one strand of hair out of place, helping you find just the right book.

  • No One Thing Defines “Sexy”

    I know I’ve said this before. I don’t generally find one thing about girls sexiest. I don’t go just for legs, ass, or tits. I am a guy who likes the whole body.

  • Oh, Beautiful You—It Doesn’t Take Much Work

    I’m not going to be a jackass and say that being beautiful is easy. Few things worth doing in life are easy. But it doesn't take nearly as much work as you might think. Well, in my opinion, anyway. All guys might not agree with me, but I think more do than you women might think.

  • Guys Find it Hard to be Sexy

    Do men feel sexy? What does it for them? Our friend AHubbyof2SexualMinds gives us his opinion.

  • Build a sexy self-image with sexy self images!

    It can be hard to feel good about yourself when you don’t see much diversity in the body types and appearances of people deemed “sexy” by the mainstream media. So I decided to take matters into my own hands by working with several talented photographers to create my own sexy photos!

  • I've got confidence in my curves.

    This month, our parent company, EdenFantasys, wants to know what is sexy TO YOU or what makes YOU feel sexy. So, we asked our columnists and contributors to help kick-start the discussion here on SexIs. Serenesub knows her curves are sexy and that's sexy in and of itself!

  • Perfect Imperfections

    AndroAngel's acceptance of their “imperfections” is definitely sexy!

  • Why Guys Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Sex Toys

    AHubbyof2SexualMidns finds his wife’s confidence in her sexuality sexy!

  • Sexy is a Journey

    There's so much more to being sexy than just body image. Here's what Roland concentrated on when he decided to get his sexy back.

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  • The AIDS Awareness Project

    In the interest of raising awareness about HIV/AIDS, SexIs presents a series of essays that speak to the innate mistakes and inherent kindnesses of the human animal, our spirit of community, the necessity of anger—and the absolute power of hope.

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    by Rayne Millaray
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    Sexis asks: How do our sex lives—and the industries that support them—affect the earth? Starting with the basics, we present an open-ended dialogue on how our sexual choices impact our relationship with the planet and its ever-dwindling resources.

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    BDSM—kink—fetish: what are they? How does one do it? And, most importantly, who’s doing it? The answer might just be staring back at you in the mirror.

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    What is safer sex? We bring together clinical and practical data on STDs and their prevention, including information on identification and treatment, as well as social/cultural significance and stigmas.

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    Join venerated erotica publisher Cleis Press, EdenFantasys and SexIs in an ongoing online book club for inquiring minds who love to read about all things sexual—from the politics of pornography to the erotically evocative boundaries of desire. News, meeting announcements, reviews, book readings and more can be found on [|The Naked Reader Book Club Blog]. [underline|[bold|Featured Books from Cleis Press]] To find out about upcoming featured titles, visit [|The Naked Reader Book List] for a listing of books to be featured in the coming months. [bold|[|The Naked Reader Book Club Store]] Visit the official NRBC store to purchase past, present and future featured book titles. [underline|[bold|Reviews]] 2- 4 books are featured each month and reviewed by a select group of Eden Fantasys Contributors. Reviews are highlighted on the [|NRBC Blog]. [bold|[|Book Club Meetings]] The Naked Reader Book Club meets twice a month to discuss a selected book. Visit the [|Naked Reader Book Club Blog] for a calendar of scheduled meetings. If you are interested in more information on the Naked Reader Book Club, please email [|The Naked Reader].

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    by Cherry Trifle
  • The Man Project

    Famed humorist Will Rogers once noted: "There are three kinds of men: The one that learns by reading. The few who learn by observation. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves." But, just what the hell does it mean to be a man, anyway? In this series, SexIs turns the spotlight on the male of the species to explore where our culture stands regarding male sexuality, what’s lacking from the conversation—and how the questions we aren’t asking effect us all.

    Last article:
    by Rachel Rabbit White
  • AIDS–the Arts and the Legacy of Activism

    Nowhere have the effects of HIV/AIDs been more strongly felt than in the arts. But even in the face of devastating loss, AIDS also inspired an enduring array of works destined to become the masterpieces of our time, and spawned a new breed of activists, whose art both offered hope and raised funding for research, outreach and education. SexIs spotlights the pioneers who polarized the movement, as well as those who carry the torch today, passing it forward, until a cure can be found.

    Last article:
    by Renee Veronica Lucas
  • The Appetites Project

    Lust. Hunger. Thirst.   More than just basic human needs designed to perpetuate the species, these complex motivations can lead us to the edge of obsession or euphoria, fulfillment or torment, despair or ecstasy. Without satisfaction, these desires can consume our lives. SexIs takes a closer look at the intersection between food and sex. What makes us lust for food? What foods increase our hunger for sex? In what ways do we creatively and compulsively feed our appetites? It’s food for thought.

    Last article:
    by PuddlePuppy
  • Porn Club

    EdenFantasys and SexIs have teamed up to create Porn Club, the hottest online adult video discussion club. Each month, two porn releases will be discussed in a live public conversation on the Eden forums, often with porn stars, directors, and producers in attendance! Join us for fun and lively conversations every month, as dozens of real people share their perspectives on the many genres of pornography we’ll be reviewing. These discussions are a no-holds-barred look at everything from the set up to the money shot. In addition to interviews and articles on SexIs, the Club also has a calendar of events, news, commentary and contests on the [|Eden Porn Club Blog]

    Last article:
    by TinaV
  • The Breast Cancer Awareness Project

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Sexis presents a series of stories that highlight those who have fought, those who have survived and and those who continue to bring inspiration, hope and strength to everyone who faces the battle against breast cancer.

    Last article:
    by Kat Shanahan
  • The Sexual Challenges Project

    Not everybody is created equal. That is, we each face unique challenges in life, some more difficult to overcome than others. From disability to dysfunction to emotional disconnection, the impediments to enjoying sex are many and varied. The Sexual Challenges Project aims to examine, discuss and educate our readers about these issues that some, if not all of us must overcome to achieve a fulfilling and satisfying sex life.

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    by Miss Nessa
  • Define This

    Defining sex-related terms in our own words.

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    by balletwhip
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    Articles from the EdenFantasys community that you should definitely read.

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    How do you set the mood for romance? Communication? Being someone other than "Mommy" for a little while? Our contributors have some ideas.

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    We support all types of sex workers, from sexual surrogates, to cam girls, to "ladies of the night." Here, they'll tell you their stories.

    Last article:
    by karlitamakita
  • SexIs Subjective

    Every month, we'll ask a question, and we want your honest opinion in 500 words or more. These articles are purely the opinions of our contributors. While we support their right to express them, we do not necessarily agree with or stand by their opinions.

    Last article:
    by No-nita
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    Educating you about sex, sexual health, sexuality, and much more at SexIs Social. Take control of your sex education. [|Find details on contributing here.]

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    Sharing our sexual experiences in the name of education. Find out how to participate by reading [|this thread].

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    The Valentine's Day is coming and we decided to create a project with everything about love, romance and relationships.

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