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What is safer sex? We bring together clinical and practical data on STDs and their prevention, including information on identification and treatment, as well as social/cultural significance and stigmas.

  • STI 101: HPV

    One of the most common STIs is HPV. It has been estimated that roughly half of sexually active people will have HPV at some point in their life. Despite how common it may be, many people may not know the facts about HPV.

  • So, what's so bad about phthalates, anyway?

    Before coming to EdenFantasys, I was left in the dark about all things related to sex toys. I didn't know anything about what materials the toys were made of, what phthalates were, or why some materials are better and safer for the body than other materials are.

  • Stirring Things Up: Safer Sex for Women Who Love Women

    Compared to heterosexual sex or sex between men, sex between women is generally a lower-risk activity. It isn’t however, a no-risk activity.

  • Equal Risk for Equal Play

    In some ways, American culture is still stuck in the 1950s. Although in theory the sexual revolution has happened and we know that women can be just as interested in sex as men, in reality the sexual double standard is alive and well and living in Paris…Texas.

  • (Willful) Ignorance Is Bliss

    When it comes to STDs, for many people, it’s much easier simply not to know.

  • Lower Education: Why STDs are Making a Comeback on College Campuses

    Ah, college. It’s where teenagers go to learn—about themselves, about the world, how to do body shots, and pick up strangers in bars. For many young people, it’s the first time they’ve been away from parental authority. They are treated and are expected to act like adults, but for many the taste of freedom is embraced as license to explore the siren songs of sex, drugs, and rock ’n’ roll.

  • A Day Trip to the STD Testing Clinic

    Free testing clinics are fantastic—but they’re not infallible, and they’re not always the most informative places in the world to get your safer sex information. The old saying, “you get what you pay for”, is, sadly enough, usually true.

  • HIV and the Porn Industry: Testing, Condoms and Trust

    On June 4, Patient Zero was tested for HIV. She worked on June 5, and her results came in positive for HIV presence in the bloodstream on June 6. At that point, all hell began to break loose.

  • Catching Cancer Off a Toilet Seat: The Truth about HPV

    There's a lot of talk going on these days about HPV, from hysteria to disinformation, to the occasionally sharp pang of truth. Sarah Sloane pulls back the blinds and takes a closer look.

  • What is Safer Sex?

    It’s a buzz-term, it’s an ever-present harbinger of doom, it’s somebody else’s problem: what is safer sex, and why is it all about YOU?