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Not everybody is created equal. That is, we each face unique challenges in life, some more difficult to overcome than others. From disability to dysfunction to emotional disconnection, the impediments to enjoying sex are many and varied. The Sexual Challenges Project aims to examine, discuss and educate our readers about these issues that some, if not all of us must overcome to achieve a fulfilling and satisfying sex life.

  • Tokophobia: Fear of Childbirth

    Tokophobia: ([|As defined by Wikipedia]) described the fear of childbirth or pregnancy as a psychological disorder, when it had previously received little to no attention as such, in addition to introducing the term tokophobia (from the Greek tokos, meaning childbirth and phobos, meaning fear). Tokophobia is also widely ascribed to the fear of pregnancy, and may also be called "maieusiophobia."

  • Loving the Broken: Three Women Coping with Marriage to a Military Man with PTSD

    What would you do if the man you loved was taken away from you? For many military wives, post-traumatic stress disorder can effectively steal away a beloved husband.

  • Chronic Pain: Stop it from Sucking the Fun Out of Your Sex Life

    Though chronic pain has become a more medically-recognized condition, whether as a complication of another diagnosis or an unexplained phenomenon existing by itself, one frontier remains: How do people with chronic pain and their partners maintain a healthy, exciting sex life?

  • When Pain in the Punani Gets in the Way of Pleasure

    Vaginal pain is the number one reason why marriages are unconsummated, but treating and healing this condition is possible. Tinamarie discusses this all-to-common problem and reveals publically for the first time her experiences with a sexually debilitating condition.

  • Good Things Come in Little Packages, Part 2

    Sexuality educator Marylou Naccarato waxes on the importance of sensuality to happiness and creative uses for low, Japanese tables that don’t involve sushi.

  • Good Things Come in Little Packages, Part 1

    Sexuality educator and vibrator aggregator Marylou Naccarato discusses the importance of sensuality to happiness and why being “differently-abled” simply means finding alternative paths to fulfillment.