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Famed humorist Will Rogers once noted: "There are three kinds of men: The one that learns by reading. The few who learn by observation. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves."

But, just what the hell does it mean to be a man, anyway? In this series, SexIs turns the spotlight on the male of the species to explore where our culture stands regarding male sexuality, what’s lacking from the conversation—and how the questions we aren’t asking effect us all.

  • The Man Project: Danny Wylde

    Meet your newest porn-crush. Danny Wylde has a blog in which it’s all too easy to lose hours while engrossed in his writing. He writes honestly and articulately about what he does for a living: starring in porn. Danny's been in mainstream adult films, was around for the heyday of alt porn and often stars in feminist films. Through it all, he has quite a following among female fans of porn.

  • The Man Project: Eon Mckai

  • The Man Project: David Jay

    David Jay is an asexual activist. He’s the founder of AVEN, the world’s largest online asexual community.

  • The Man Project: Zak Smith

  • Chastity for Dudes

  • The Man Project: Grant Stoddard

  • The Man Project: Buck Angel

    Known as “the man with a pussy,” Buck Angel has become a cultural icon. He’s a successful porn star—who’s addressed audiences at Yale University. Angel does the talk-show circuit, but when he took Howard Stern up on a dare to ride the Simian Sex Machine, the joke was squarely on Stern.

  • The Man Project: David Steinberg

  • The Man Project: Michael Alvear

    Sexis debuts The Man Project with an opening salvo from relationship expert, Michael Alvear, and learns that the true test of a man is about much more than the level of his testosterone.